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As befits their origin in introductory notes for the concert-going public, Tovey's are unforbidding and occasionally even light-hearted in tone. His fondness for "Humpty Dumptyish" language may irritate at times, but overall Tovey's achievement is impressive: very few commentators have been able to communicate clearly with a non-specialist readership at the same time as revealing so much that is of interest to the trained musician and musicologist. (Readers who wish to see Tovey at his most densely technical may care to examine his book and its bar-to-bar analytic commentary).

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With each of the four stages I will use song lyrics to help analyze these stages.

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`Rather than create a realistic --or at least plausible --world whose inhabitants find reasonable motives for breaking into song (rehearsals, shows, etc.) the music itself seems to determine the attitudes, values and demeanour of the principal charac...

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Could this mean that the only way to truth, to happiness, to enlightenment is to live fully in the reality of today, not in the mythologies of thousands of years ago, not in the spiritual bamboozles of new mythologies, but instead in the divinity of plain old human connection, love, sex, generosity, forgiveness, kindness, joy, music? If there is spirituality in, it's in the obviously named Angel. She brings out what is divine in Collins and the others. She shows us the road, this road that we're on, the one in front of us. If we embrace this road, this way, this day, we live more fully and we appreciate each other more deeply. The song goes on, and Mimi and the support group sing:

The music video and song shows and tells the experiences that shaped both friends and ultimately caused the demise of one, if not, both of them.
Tovey's Essays in Musical Analysis rank among the English language's most acclaimed works of musical criticism.

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Instrumentalists Usually the orchestral part of a song is not written with the first copy of a musical (Book) it is most often written when the musical has been chosen by a producer and the type of orchestra has been decided....

Sir Donald Tovey's Essays in Musical Analysis are a series of analytical essays on classical music

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The success and legacy of owes almost as much to its original direction and design as it does to its music and lyrics. Director Michael Greif was criticized for his staging, which often looked random or even non-existent, but he was just picking up where left off. Greif was creating a new kind of musical theatre staging, a theatrical equivalent to , the documentary style of filmmaking in which no directorial control is evident, in which real life is merely recorded without being manipulated. Now, obviously, it’s tough for a musical to be completely natural because most people don’t break into song spontaneously, and even fewer have a band to back them up. But Greif got as close to as musical theatre can get, aiming for the impression that these actors are making it up as they go, that they’ve assembled on this nearly empty stage and are acting out their lives for us. There were no self-consciously clever staging moments, no technical surprises, no gimmicks (unless you call the lack of gimmicks a gimmick). In all these ways, it picked up the central ideas of . It was different, it was startling, and it was scary to musical theatre traditionalists. Greif has said that he staged "Seasons of Love" first and the sparse, static staging of that number then determined the look of the rest of the show.

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