No escape: The truth about black holes.

Unfortunately, there is no known force strong enough to get you out of a black hole’s event horizon, making it possibly the most spectacular inevitable death in the universe....

Black holes are the most popular unknown object in science.

There is believed to be a black hole at the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way galaxy.

Since light cannot escape, they are considered to be truly black.

The existence of intermediate-mass black holes which are presumed to constitute thousands of solar masses is the subject of speculation. The mode of their direct formation is not known and therefore it is assumed that they came into being through the collisions of black holes with lower masses.

That mystery happens to be that of the ever elusive, black hole....

The mass of stellar-mass black holes vary from a minimum mass limit of approximately 1.5-3.0 solar masses to a potential maximum of 15-20 solar masses. They are formed as a result of the degeneration of individual stars or the fusion of binary neutron stars as a result of gravitational radiation. These stars may initially have masses as high as 100 solar masses. However, much of this mass is shed in the initial stages of their collapse.

Included is an explanation of what a black hole is and how it is believed they are created.

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The black hole is a weird object in outer space and a black hole is formed when two giant stars or more collapse together and basically vacuum anything that comes near it ( Aguilar 39)....

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Because black holes are virtually invisible to the human eye, since not even light can escape their clutches, it is hard to understand something that can’t be seen or even assume it exists.

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Calculations have confirmed that black hole ought to emit particles and radiation as if it were a hot body with a temperature that depends only on the black hole’s mass, they are inversely proportional: the larger the mass of a black hole the lower it’s temperature....

Finally a comparison of factual and fictional information about black holes is presented.

The gravity of a black hole is way too strong ( Aguilar 39).

There are 4 scenarios of the black holes formation, two realistic ones: gravitational collapse (contraction) of sufficiently massive stars; the collapse of the central part of the Galaxy, or primeval galaxy gas; and two hypothetical: the formation of black holes immediately after the Big Bang (primordial black holes); in the high-energy nuclear reactions.

Of the countless exotic bodies, the one that arguably has been the most elusive is the black hole.

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Einstein created a mathematical formula that he thought was purely hypothetical, however, an astronomer by the name of Karl Schwarzchild discovered a way to apply Einstein’s formula in a manner that would prove black hole existence.

In astronomy, there have been numerous theories and questions about black holes.

Black holes are one of the greatest mysteries of nature

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