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Therefore, economic power is comprised of social and political power, which is why Marxists “refer to socioeconomic class, rather than economic class, when talking about the class structure” (54)....

While commenting on Marx’s theories, he created his own, hegemony.

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Speech and Phenomena, and Other Essays on Husserl's Theory of Signs.

No work, and no current evaluationof it, can simply be extended to new groups of people without being changed,perhaps almost unrecognizably, in the process; and this is one reason whywhat counts as literature is a notably unstable affair .

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'Our Homer isnot identical with the Homer of the Middle Ages, no 'our' Shakespeare withthat of his contemporaries; it is rather that different historical periodshave constructed a 'different Homer and Shakespeare for their own purposes,and found in these texts elements to value or devalue, though, not necessarilythe same ones.

Other theorists argue that this oppression is due to an already existing patriarchal society.

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Weber has criticised the work of Marx, citing how limited it is use a purely economic framework, labelled as historical materialism, instead of looking at all factors within society (Weber 2001: 20).

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The Formalists started out by seeing the literary work as a more orless arbitrary assemblage of 'devices', and only later came to see thesedevices as interrelated elements or 'functions' within a total textualsystem.

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First, both writers recognise an inequality between the poor and rich resulting from the rise of capitalism and the bourgeoisie (Marx and Engels 2008: 34-36; Weber 2001: 28-30)....

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Marx theorized that when profitsare not reinvested in the workers but in creating more factories,the workers will grow poorer and poorer until no short-term patchingis possible or successful.

Even though Karl Marx himself did not widely write about education, many of his followers did.

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Findley successfully depicts the plot of the novel taking place in the early 1900's; a time in which the western world was emerging from an industrial revolution, bringing radically foreign ideas on politics in the world, including the materialization of the Marxist political theory....

Marxism and Form: Twentieth-Century Dialectical Theories of Literature. Princeton: PUP, 1971.

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For Rosenblatt and Richards the idea of a "correct" reading--though difficult to attain--was always the goal of the "educated" reader (armed, of course, with appropriate aesthetic apparatus).

Classical social theory embodied by the work of authors such Marx, Durkheim, Weber and Simmel.

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Whereas Freud saw "sexual energy" to be the motivatingfactor behind human endeavor and Nabokov seemed to feel artisticimpulse was the real factor, Marx thought that "historicalmaterialism" was the ultimate driving force, a notion involvingthe distribution of resources, gain, production, and such matters.