Hitler had long been obsessed with attacking and controlling France.

Not until 1608 did the French make serious inroads into acquiring lucrative assets in North America, such as beaver pelts, which were in high demand in Europe.

Speak slowly in either English or French.

The end of the French revolutionmarked the end of absolute power for the French kings.

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Wealthy colonists were politically more powerful, and their interests were not necessarily consistent with the interests of those less well off.

Just as Britain and France were rivals in Europe, they became rivals in North America.

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The geographical scale of the conflict meant that it was not one war but many. On theWestern Front in France and Belgium the French and their British allies, reinforced from1917 onwards by the Americans, were locked in a savage battle of attrition against theGerman army. Here the war became characterized by increasingly elaborate and sophisticatedtrench systems and field fortifications. Dense belts of barbed wire, concrete pillboxes,intersecting arcs of machine-gun fire, and accumulating masses of quick-firing field andheavy artillery rendered manœuvre virtually impossible. Casualties were enormous.

He was exiled in 1814.Culture The 1993 estimate of the French population was 57,566,091.

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Kitchener was appointed Secretary of State for War on 5 August 1914. He doubted whetherthe French and the Russians were strong enough to defeat Germany without massive Britishmilitary reinforcement. He immediately sought to raise a mass citizen army. There was anoverwhelming popular response to his call to arms. Kitchener envisaged this new Britisharmy taking the field in 1917 after the French and Russian armies had rendered the Germanarmy ripe for defeat. They would be 'the last million men'. They would win the war anddecide the peace. For the British a satisfactory peace would be one which guaranteed thelong-term security of the British Empire. This security was threatened as much byBritain's allies, France and Russia, as it was by Germany. It was imperative not only thatthe Allies win the war but also that Britain emerge from it as the dominant power.

New York, Milan, and Paris are leaders among this fierce industry that the world lusts after.

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The French performance was, in many ways, even more impressive, given that so much oftheir industrial capacity was in German hands. Not only did the French economy supply theFrench army with increasing amounts of old and new weaponry, but it also supplied most ofthe American Expeditionary Force's artillery and aeroplanes. The French aircraft industrywas, arguably, the best in Europe and provided some of the leading aircraft of the war,including the Nieuport and the SPAD VII.

and 1:15-5:30 P.M.Transportation In France many places are accessible to cars.

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Unlike the Spanish, the French settled in the less hospitablenorthern climate of New France (Quebec and Nova Scotia), and the French government provided little incentive for citizens to venture to the New World and settle in this cold area.

Also, some hotelshave a currency exchange.AccommodationsA lot of good hotels are in Paris.

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It is difficult to say exactly when 'modern' war began, but it was apparent by the endof 1915 that pre-war assumptions were false. Well-trained, highly disciplined French,German, and Russian soldiers of high morale were repeatedly flung into battle bycommanders of iron resolve. The results were barren of strategic achievement. The humancosts were immense. The 'human solution' was not enough. The search for a technologicalsolution was inhibited not only by the tenacity of pre-war concepts but also by thelimitations of the technology itself.