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I asked myself, ìWhat purpose this time capsule will serve?î My answer told me that the song inside this time capsule must be one that can still teach a message while telling the future generation something about our time.

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They are the description of the grandmother's dress and the graveyard....

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In the digital economy, members of the Grateful Dead and other jam bands possess a resource that, like sporting events, has special value at the exact moment of its creation. Built around an idealistic core of musical improvisation and cosmic synchronicity, each show is different. And, for fans, the show is only beginning.

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But forget the '60s or anything they may have pioneered. Even now, Deadheads and jam fans remain perhaps the silent majority of the live concert and festival industry. Over the course of decades, the enthusiasm of Deadheads and their jammy ilk has continued unabated, capable of selling out (for example) the inaugural 70,000-person Bonnaroo Festival in 2002 before a single act was announced. Surely anyone thinking of building any new application having to do with live music should think of stress-testing it with Deadheads and their descendants first. If it can't handle the jam fans—still one of the most frothing, cash-ready, and vocally annoyed fanbases around—it's probably not ready for the mainstream marketplace.

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Nursing Informatics Pioneers and History essay.

I have a couple things: first, we’ve gotten on this train of saying lifestyle changes are not enough, which is true, absolutely, but I also think those changes are really important. Every time we do a rally in front of Duke someone walks by and says, “Pffft, I bet they all drove here!” And they’re kind of missing the point, but they do also have a little bit of a point. I don’t know. In order to not be a hypocrite, consume less.

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We have one of five full-time organizers in the country. Her name is Monica and she is intense. She can break down walls. She’s awesome. She helps Charlotte Environmental Action in whatever way she can, while keeping us separate from Greenpeace. We really wanted to keep this rally as a CEA rally, and she was like, awesome, but I’m going to write a press release and she just helped us with all this stuff that we just don’t know how to do.

Her image of herself is of a person who is blessed by God above all others....

Z: What is press release. I can haz press release.

There at the back of the stadium floor you'll see the symbol of all things Dead and tech: all but synonymous with the band. Though they may no longer use tape, these devoted obsessives lug pro-level gear into battlefield conditions to make righteous recordings of the band's jams, to be traded and uploaded, but never sold. Even before the band started officially sanctioning the practice in 1984, the tapers built a worldwide music distribution system that sustained the Dead and helped launch bands like Phish, Widespread Panic, and dozens more. This network (and modern service-oriented variations like ) presaged Napster by a generation, survived the radical remaking of the recording industry and laid the foundation for open online file trading. Within hours of this weekend's encores, fans will be able to pull high-res recordings from BitTorrent, a technology whose early adoption was driven primarily by Deadheads and their younger cousins, the Phishheads. NYC Taper has even at least the first half of Friday's Chicago show before it is even over.

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O Pioneers, Willa Cather - Essay - Essays and criticism on Willa Cather s O Pioneers! - O Pioneers, Willa CatherO Pioneers essaysO Pioneers essays Willa Cather in her novel, O Pioneers, written in 1913 tells of the trials, joys and sorrows of a Swedish pioneer,O Pioneers! Essay - ShmoopStarting an essay on Willa Cather s O Pioneers!? Organize your thoughts and more at our handy-dandy Shmoop Writing Lab

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K: …I’m a body…. so, I think it was us pushing each other. Not that I didn’t have outside inspiration. Our parents think we’re out there. I mean, they are very encouraging. I read and the professor that helped me told me that I needed to think really critically about his work, and I really struggled with that. I told him what I thought he wanted to hear about McKibbens saying that all technology is bad (it’s more complicated than that), but really, I was thinking, I agree with everything he is saying! That’s when I realized that I was more than just an academic who wanted to study the history of climate science. This is where my heart lies.