The philosopher king is Plato's vision of the ruler of the republic.

Because nothing short of a revolution in the basic beliefs on which healthcare is based must take place in order to get back to a realistic and workable framework for human health and the actual facilitation of the process of caring for people’s health needs, it is interesting to apply some of the thinking of two of the Western world’s great philosophers.

Plato addresses the concept of love in Symposium.

Plato, the author of Republic, uses his brother Glaucon to tell the Myth of the Lydian Shepherd.

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To include the persona and accomplishments of Microsoft’s Bill Gates in the discussion of Plato and rhetoric is to introduce a component of the modern world that demonstrates the ways in which vision can be (and has been) interpreted as a characteristic of successful commercial development.

Plato’s Republic: Critical Essays.

A light comparison between Machiavelli's 'The Prince' and Plato's 'Republic.' The writer examines each of the author's respective eras, backgrounds, and influences before making determinations about the political similarities and differences between their two infamous works.

Nevertheless, justice is not the only topic that Plato examines in his work.

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As The Republic progresses through books and Socrates’ arguments of how and why these flaws make the soul unhappy began to piece together, Glaucon relates some of these cases to his own life, and begins to see how Socrates’ line of reasoning makes more sense than his own.

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Plato's argument implies that justice and morality are intimately interconnected, because the excellence and goodness of human life — the best way for a person to live — is intimately dependent upon and closely interwoven with those 'things that we find desirable in themselves and for their consequences [1]....

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Plato did not believe in democracy, because it was democracy that killed Socrates, his beloved teacher who was a just man and a philosopher. He believed in Guardians, or philosophers/rulers that ruled the state. One must examine what it means for a state to be just and what it means for a person to be just to truly understand the meaning of justice. According to Socrates, “…if we first tried to observe justice in some larger thing that possessed it, this would make it easier to observe in...

In Plato Republic, Socrates’ account for the origin of the city-state is a main concept.

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The Republic, written around 375 B.C., isn't just Plato's treatise on the ideal state, nor is it just a state-of-mind journey from ignorance to enlightenment.

An Engagement with Plato’s Republic: A Companion to Plato’s Republic.

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Some literary mechanisms can be found in the passage and I will show how they fit in the text and how they contribute to the main themes of Plato's Republic.

Plato’s Republic: Critical Essays (New York: Rowman and Littlefield, 1997).

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Socrates continues his quest for enlightenment in The Crito, wherein he attempts to explain that while inquiry is necessary, public curiosity has its lawful price, thus those who inquire must both contin...