They encompass the essence of all education.

When, however, the gifts were brought forward to be offered, his son Nachiketas, althoughprobably a lad about twelve years of age, observed how worthless were the animals whichhis father was offering.

2. The next source of goodness is a place of residence.

Each of the ten principal Upanishads is associated with one of the four Vedas.

7. Prajnatma - I am the intelligent Self (Kausitaki Upanishad).

One should know Him as pure and deathless, as pure anddeathless.
As has been explained in Part Fourth, verse XII, the inner Self, although unlimited, isdescribed as “the size of a thumb” because of its abiding–place in the heart, often likenedto a lotus–bud which is similar to a thumb in size and shape.

Brahma’s job was to create the world and all the creatures on it.

When the mindbecomes pure and desireless, it takes the upward course and at the time of departingpasses out through the imperceptible opening at the crown of the head; but as long as itremains full of desires, its course is downward towards the realms where those desirescan be satisfied.
The Purusha, the inner Self, of the size of a thumb, is ever seated in the heart of all livingbeings.

The Upanishads are highly mystical and abstract, allowing for a wide range of interpretation.

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The Upanishads represent the loftiest heights of ancient Indo-Aryan thought and culture. They form the wisdom portion or Gnana-Kanda of the Vedas, as contrasted with the Karma-Kanda or sacrificial portion.

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The universe is not just conscious, but it is consciousness, and this consciousness is Brahman. Human consciousness has forgotten its identity, that of Brahman, as if a drop of water from a vast ocean thought itself separate, and that the only path to merge back into that Brahman or supreme consciousness ...

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They serve us as reminders of eternal truths in our quest for liberation. They reveal themselves and provide profound insights to the extent we awaken them in our consciousness.

Through  and narrative, the Upanishads repeatedly teaches of the atman and the path to atman.

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An exposition of the Verse 2 of the Isa Upanishad on the importance of duty in life.

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When a man can identify himself with his undying nature, which is onewith God, then he overcomes death.
He about whom many are not even able to hear, whom many cannot comprehend evenafter hearing: wonderful is the teacher, wonderful is he who can receive when taught by anable teacher.
Throughout the Vedic Scriptures it is declared that no one can impart spiritual knowledgeunless he has realization.

In every passage of the Upanishads man and his place in the universe is the subject.

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The Upanishads abound in spiritual knowledge. In Sanskrit, the literary language of Vedic India, the word Upanishad means situated under Truth. The exact number of Upanishads is not clearly known. There must have been as many Upanishads in ancient India as there were schools and masters of self realization.