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Thus the task of the historian becomes one of balancing his work with historical text surrounding both the subject matter itself and critiques of his work.

In contrast, Hogarth approaches the issue of slaves in a very different manner, as he is essentially a social satirist.

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4) In the fourth, he narrowly escapes arrest for debt by Welsh bailiffs (as signified by the leeks, a Welsh emblem, in their hats) as he travels in a sedan chair to a party at St. James's Palace to celebrate Queen Caroline's birthday on Saint David's Day (Saint David is the patron saint of Wales). On this occasion he is saved by the intervention of Sarah Young, the girl he had earlier rejected; she is apparently a dealer in millinery. In comic relief, a man filling a street lantern spills the oil on Tom's head. This is a sly reference to how blessings on a person were accompanied by oil poured on the head. In this case the "blessing" being the "saving" of Tom by Sarah, although Rakewell, being a rake, will not take the moral lesson to heart. The painting shows a young thief stealing Tom's cane.

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Little is known of Hogarth's Masonic record. Where and when he received the degrees are facts awaiting discovery by the students of the Craft. A manuscript list in the records of the Grand Lodge of England show him as a member of the lodge meeting at the "Hand and Apple Tree," Little Queen Street, London; and in 1730, of the "Corner Stone" Lodge. Apparently Hogarth became a member of the Fraternity between 1725 and 1728, Robert Freke Gould stating that he was a member of the "Hand and Apple Tree" Lodge in 1725, but does not give his authority. Hogarth officiated as one of the Grand Stewards of the Assembly and Feast on April 17, 1735, as shown by the minutes of the Grand Lodge of England. His appointment March 30, 1734, is recorded as follows: "Then the twelve present Stewards were called up, and Thanks returned them from the Chair for the Care they had taken in providing such an elegant Entertainment for the Society, and at the same time their Healths were drank and also desired to proceed for each Steward to name his successor for the ensuing year which they did in manner following....... Hogarth's name appears as the eighth of a list then itemized.

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Hogarth's own opinion of his life is aptly expressed in the closing words of his Anecdotes:

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In Anecdotes of Himself, Hogarth has left us the story of his early life. "As I had naturally a good eye, and a fondness for drawing, shows of all sorts gave me uncommon pleasure when an infant; and mimicry, common to all children, was remarkable in me. An early access to a neighboring painter drew my attention from play; and I was, at every possible opportunity, employed in making drawings. I picked up an acquaintance of the same turn, and soon learnt to draw the alphabet with great correctness. My exercises, when at school, were more remarkable for the ornaments which adorned them, than for the exercises themselves. In the former, I soon found that block-heads with better memories could much surpass me; but for the latter I was particularly distinguished...

Haldane, Sydney, Lord Olivier. The Myth of Governor Eyre. London: The Hogarth Press, 1933. Print.

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Some doubt exists whether Hogarth intended de Veil's companion to be depicted as a Mason. Possibly he may be the tyler of the Lodge, judging from the apron and the sword he carries. Again, he may only be an attache of the tavern where de Veil, to speak charitably and bearing in mind the convivial spirit of our early brethren, drank slightly to excess. The sword may have been de Veil's, taken away from him as a matter of prudence, for he could have done more damage with it than with the cane he wields against an imaginary opponent. The apron on this man may have served a real utilitarian purpose back of a tavern bar. The apparent skill of the man in helping de Veil clearly indicates that this is not his first experience in duties of this kind - a fact which can be used as a cogent argument for or against the theory that he may have been a brother of the Craft.

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