But Golding is a simply complicated writer; and ...

In Lord of the Flies, William Golding uses the theme of human nature to show how easily society can collapse, and how self-destructive human nature is.

This book’s author is William Golding and it published in 1954.

Lieutenant Golding saw active duty in the North Atlantic, commanding a rocket launching craft.

William Golding was born in England at September 19, 1911.

Golding marks Piggy with the distinction of being more intellectually mature than the others, branding him with a connection to a higher authority: At the very beginning of the story Piggy remarks to Ralph " aren't there any adults at all?" this shows his nervousness being in a situation without anyone to supervise or watch over the actions of the ' children.' the outside world....

The author is William Golding and Year Publised is 1954.

They were in complete control; they knew it inch by inch, and I think the novelist is very much like that." Darkness Visible (Golding, William (Gerald)), Free Fall, Lord of the Flies (Book), Lord of the Flies (Novel), Pincher Martin (Novel), Rites of Passage (Novel), The Inheritors (Book), The Spire

The author of this book, named William Golding is born in England September 19th, 1911.

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in which odd people are tempted to reach beyond their limits, thereby being bared to the very marrow."Golding was born in England's west country in 1911.

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In the beginning, Simon was described as a 'skinny, vivid little boy…,'; (Golding 24) showing that he was undersized and possibly weaker than the others....

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From them he learnt, or on them he projected, mystery and symbolism, a habit of mingling life and death, and an attitude of mind sceptical of the scientific method that descends from the Greeks."When he was twelve, Golding "tried his hand at writing a novel," reports Bernard Oldsey in his article.

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They deal with emotions--as they come out in the poems, rather easy emotions--of loss and grief, reflected in nature and the seasons."After graduating from Oxford, Golding perpetuated family tradition by becoming a schoolmaster in Salisbury, Wiltshire.

In Lord of the Flies, written by William Golding, he used much imagery for his novel....

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Golding's appeal is summarized by the Nobel Prize committee, who issued this statement when awarding the author their literature prize in 1983: "[His] books are very entertaining and exciting.

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But they have also aroused an unusually great interest in professional literary critics [who find] deep strata of ambiguity and complication in Golding's work, ...

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With the appearance of Golding's first published novel, the author began his career as both a campus cult favorite and one of the late twentieth-century's most distinctive--and debated--literary talents.