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Although ethical integrity is a matter of choice for people, why is it essential to sustain its standards and why should its standards be maintained in the workplace, in writing and in personal lives?

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Pick any question from the discussion questions (above) and write an essay on it.

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Now select one of these principles, and write a short story (real or imagined) describing a time you did something courageous by standing up for this principle.

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Ethical integrity also encourages social responsibility. Social responsibility refers to the contributions that are made to the society or the duty that people owe the society. This has been important especially in the corporate where companies are required to engage in corporate social responsibility. This encourages accountability to the society as people carry out their duties (Ardichvili, et al, 2009). Ethical integrity will entail engaging in activities that do not have devastating effects on the environment or the society. This includes responsibility of the people in activities such as dumping or disposal of waste materials. People should be careful on their disposal behavior to avoid causing harm to the environment. An example is the emission of harmful gases into the air or disposal of harmful waste into the rivers. Such activities show lack of social responsibility and failure to comply with the business ethics. Therefore, when people comply with the ethical integrity, such activities are avoided. It is also the responsibility of the businesses to deliver quality products to the customers. Another social responsibility of the business people is philanthropy (Ardichvili, et al, 2009). This helps to get the graces of the customers and the community in general. In relation to the Christian ethics, ethical integrity helps to construct an organized society.

In The Crucible, a prime example of a person with integrity is Elizabeth Proctor.

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For example, when it cameto fashioning the character of the corrupt Hispanic government economist, MariaGomez, who is so vital to Clive's central theme of corruption within Americanidentity politics, he found he needed something more than simply "theright words" or "knowledge about economists".

Write a 1,000 word paper discussing a civil and ethical nursing work environment.

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Cheating is a general category of academic misconduct that, in the context of an academic course, involves dishonesty in completing work in the course — whether an examination or other kind of assignment. Assisting another student dishonestly is also cheating. Note that plagiarism, fabrication of research results, and other such violations of academic integrity may correctly be identified as particular kinds of cheating. Examples of cheating include, but are not limited to, the following:

From the Enron and Arthur Andersen is a perfect example of ethical on world what they make wrong.

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It is very hard to get writers tospeak frankly about their own work, particularly in a literary market wherethey are required to be not only writers, but also hucksters selling product.

Inpreparation for this essay I emailed many writers (under the promise ofanonymity) to ask how they judge their own work.

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This analysis is evident of the impacts that unethical behavior can have on the society. They include the environmental degradation that can have fatal impacts on the society. A perfect example is the recent argument on the global warming. This has been because of industrialization and lack of ethical integrity. The industries have been emitting fumes that contain methane and other harmful gases into the air without caring about the impacts they will have on the environment (Floridi, 2007). As a result, there is significant reduction of rainfall and general increase of heat on earth.