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This is best described in Alice Walker’s short story, “Everyday Use';, where three characters, a mother and two daughters, are portrayed differently, each with its different qualities and philosophies on life that are often seen in generations....

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After reading “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker and “Two Kinds” by Amy Tan I realized that the two stories had the same subject matter: mother and daughter relationships.

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Alice Walker's "Everyday Use" explores how, in her eagerness to claim an ancient heritage, a woman may deny herself the substantive personal experience of familial traditions.

Walker, Alice. “Everyday Use.” Literature: ReadingFiction, Poetry, Drama, and the Essay.

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(Walker, “Everyday Use” 412)The quilts have a special meaning to Mama. When she moves up to touchthe quilts, she is reaching out to touch the people whom the quilts represent.

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(Walker, “Everyday Use” 412)When Mama takes the dasher handle in her hands, she is symbolically touchingthe hands of all those who used it before her. Her appreciation forthe dasher and the quilts is based on love for the people who made andused them.

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Walker continued to explore writing in all of its forms. In 1973, she published the poetry collection Revolutionary Petunias and the short story collection In Love and Trouble, which included the highly acclaimed "Everyday Use." The following year, she delivered her first children's book, : American Poet. Walker also emerged as a prominent voice in the black feminist movement.

In the story Everyday Use, by Alice Walker, value of heritage is a main topic.

Symbolism and Allegory in Alice Walker's Everyday Use

Alice Walker's short story, "Everyday Use," contains the idea of family and of the mind, therefore her work can be evaluated through psychological methods.

In “Everyday Use” Alice Walker uses descriptive imagery and metaphors to communicate to readers the importance of heritage.

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In “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker, this short story characterizes not only the symbolism of heritage, but also separates the difference between what heritage really means and what it may be portrayed as.

In this short story ‘Everyday Use’ Alice Walker uses symbolism for the objects that had been passed from the ancestors....

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Mama narrates the story. Mamadescribes herself as “a large, big-boned woman with rough, man-workinghands. In the winter I wear flannel nightgowns to bed and overallsduring the day. I can kill and clean a hog as mercilessly as a man”(Walker, “Everyday Use” 408). This description, along with her referenceto a 2nd grade education (409), leads the readerto conclude that this woman takes pride in the practical aspects of hernature and that she has not spent a great deal of time contemplating abstractconcepts such as heritage. However, her lack of education and refinementdoes not prevent her from having an inherent understanding of heritagebased on her love and respect for those who came before her. Thisis clear from her ability to associate pieces of fabric in two quilts withthe people whose clothes they had been cut from: