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Thanks for your advance lesson. I have watch your advance lesson: agree and disagree essay. Since the essay question has only one opinion to agree or disagree, but what if the essay question like this one: ” Some people claim that not enough of waste from home not recycled. They say that the only way to recycling is for governments to make it a legal requirement. To what extent do you think laws are needed to make people recycle more of their waste? ”
what should I plan my answer? I have difficulty to identify which opinion or fact in order to respond to the question. Thanks Liz and I hope, I’ll get response this time.

My favourite place to relax essay

Sometimes I likemy favorite place essays My favorate place has always been Grandma's house.

My Favorite Place to Relax - Essay by Shiyige1990

My favorite room in my house is my room. I like to be in my room instead of any other place in my house. No one really bothers me when I'm in my room because they know I will get mad. Sometimes I go a whole day in my room.

I like to be in my room for a lot of reasons but mostly to get away from everyone. I think I like my room so much because I have it the way I want. My ps3 is probably the most important thing to me in my room besides my bed. The walls in my room are covered with a lot of different things.

When I get mad at someone I have to go to my room or I will start saying bad things and get in more trouble with my dad. I really hate when I lock my door and people still ask if they can come in. When I'm in my room I want to relax and have time to myself. Also, I have a strobe light in my room, I think that's pretty cool.

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My favorite room in my house is my room because it has my bed where all the magic happens. I got everything I work out with in there and thats important to me. I got all my close in there all my pink dolphin that I love.

My room is the place that i can escape from everything, if I'm feeling down I go in there and play my ps3. My friends always come to my room and we just chill talk about girls while we play ps3. My bed is the best bed room in the world its huge and comfortable every girl would like it.

Im trying to get a studio in my room so we can rap or whatever. I love my room I been through a lot with that room. I just need to get more things to make it better.

But there are times when I want to be in a quiet place and concentrate on my Just me and my favorite place in the world.
What question would you like to ask me? This topic is about using technology in place of libraries. What problem did you have?Liz

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My favorite room in my house would be my room of course. My room is my favorite place to be in my house because that is the only place to go t when I need to be alone or just relax. I am in my room most of the times because I have everything that is mine in there like my bed, t.v. and clothes. I love to be in my room also because it is always fresh in there.
I like rooms that are always fresh because it makes me feel relaxed. I go to my room when I am stressed, mad or introuble, my room is a place where I go to escape from everybody else. I rarely get bored in my room because I am always doing something so I won't get bored. When I am in my room im either laying down and listening to music or i'm on youtube looking at videos.
My room is always clean and organized, I know where every little thing of mine is at, so I can tell when someone has been in it or have went through my things. I am literally in my room like the whole day unless I'm going somewhere with my family or friends. I get very mad when someone goes in my room and gets my stuff, it gets me irritated. My room is my favorite room in my house.

I spent …Check out our top Free Essays on My Favorite Place Is My Bedroom to help you write your own EssayNew Jersey is my favorite place to go.

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But the recent amendments brought into place by the current government’s legislations may see the biggest divide between rich and poor since the days of the work houses.

The back porch is a place for everyone to sit and relax in the warm sunny breeze ..

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A Brief Summary of My Favorite Room - My Den a Great Place to Hang out and Get Away from the Stress of Every …mybooklibrary impossible to forget living with anti semitism these are a few of my favorite my bedroom essay for kids the world a better place How to describe your favourite room I’m going to talk to you about my bedroom.