Therefore,establishing why these female youths turn to street gangs.

Excerpts from: Femininity / Susan Brownmiller -- Great mother / Erich Neumann -- Feminist practice & poststructuralist theory / Chris Weedon -- Joy's way / W.

Hence, a recentincrease in independent female gangs.

Miller’s studies haveshown that less than ten percent of female gangs are independent (qtd.

Discusses the influencing factors behind female gang involvement.

The empirical studies reveal a trend that youth join gangs because of a troublesome economy and coming from a low-socioeconomic status, creating a strong connection with Merton's strain theory....

(Girls in America: Identity and Adolescence)

This paper will focus on combining these sources that are based on empirical methodologies with Robert Merton's strain theory to explain why youth join gangs from an analytical perspective.

Fathers punished these females by hitting them, callingthe police or kicking them out of the house.

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This film presents the human cost of Thailand's rapid industrialization by examining the living conditions of young female factory workers in Bangkok, who help support their families in the poorer rural areas of the country.

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As the first elected female head of state in Africa, she has appointed other extraordinary women to leadership positions in all areas of government, including the Police Chief and the Ministers of Justice, Commerce, and Finance.

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We meet a woman active in the movement against female genital mutilation, a health care worker educating women about sexually transmitted diseases, and businesswomen who describe how they have set up an association to share expertise and provide mutual assistance.

Gender combined with delinquency a contributing factor in female youths involvement ingangs.

Females and Street Gangs: The Causes, Consequences, …

The film follows the girls from a Harlem recording studio to a Brooklyn mosque, revealing typical teenagers suddenly caught in a tug-of-war between religious extremism and the American dream.

While researching female gangs, Miller found only one independent female gang in 1975.

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Seeking answers from celebrities, media, academia, as well as everyday Americans, Roberts delves into the origins and deadly risks of our nation's quest for physical perfection and shows how these increasingly unattainable images contribute greatly to the rise in low self-esteem, body dismorphia, and eating disorders for young women and girls who also happen to be the beauty industry's largest consumers.

In 1982 she reported six and in 1988 twenty two independent females gangs were found.

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Are they simply business-women out for their share of one of the most lucritive film markets, or avant-garde feminists and advocates of new sexual relationships?