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So the and have almost come to an end. Last year, 1,300+ students applied for the Fulbright scholarship from Pakistan and around 150 were selected. It is yet to see who got in and who got out but this year I have had the opportunity to help over 100+ students with their Fulbright personal statements and got to read over 170 personal statements of Fulbright applicants.

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1) Complete the Fulbright ETA application through the . The application includes the following:

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Fulbright does indeed have different regulations per country, such as the maximum the website for the place in which I got my loan as a foreign student is this one in case it is of help.
Unless noted, the following information comes straight from the Fulbright Web site THE PERSONAL STATEMENT How will your project help further your academic or professional development?

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I did it on 30 May 2014. I submitted my Fulbright application. Now, 1 year and 2 months later I am going to the USA as a proud Fulbrighter! Yay!

This post was updated in May 2017 to maintain freshness and up-to-date tips on writing Fulbright personal statements

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Write About Yourself: Everyone has their own stories and experiences to share with the Fulbright people. If you have an exciting story about yourself, don’t forget to mention it in your personal statement. Don’t write your story just for the sake of impressing the officers; present it in a sincere manner.

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Give Real life Examples: A personal statement for Fulbright application is the perfect time to think outside the box and to think about different aspects of your life. You can review your life and add important points to your essay. Don’t include your whole life story; present it in an impressive way which highlights your strengths, skills and talents. Portray everything using examples rather than just listing your strengths.

By the final Bowdoin deadline, submit your final Fulbright ETA application through the . Your final application includes the following:

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Materials for Final Application.By the final Bowdoin deadline, submit your final Fulbright ETA application through the . Your final application includes the following: Pay close attention to Fulbright’s guidance about the ETA application, following all guidance around preferred content, formatting (e.g. essay headers), and more, as listed in the .
Final Deadline Schedule.SUNDAY, OCTOBER 1, 11:59 PMfinal Bowdoin deadline. In order for Cindy & Kate to review students' applications and allow them to make changes based on their feedback, students must submit their applications by this deadline.MONDAY, OCTOBER 2 – Our office will pull applications and release back to students before 5 PM.OCTOBER 2–5 – We will review each application and contact students individually with:FRIDAY, OCTOBER 6 at noon – FINAL SUBMISSION TO FULBRIGHT. Students must hit the submit button in Embark by noon.* This is the ABSOLUTE FINAL DEADLINE.*Fulbright’s official submission deadline is 5 PM on October 6. However, past students who have waited until the last minute have experienced trouble with the online system and were not able to make the deadline. DO NOT WAIT – submit by noon.
Please be reminded that applies to the fellowship application process.

In this post, I want to share two excerpts from my Fulbright application essay and give you some tips on essay writing.

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Today I am going to write about the things that were common in all successful Fulbright personal statements. Along with that I am also going to write about the common flaws in the unsuccessful personal statements.

Well, that's what a Fulbright Scholarship offers, and today we have several Fulbright Scholars with advice on the application process.

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Do you you think it is good idea to say in personal statement that you want to set-off a company after returning to the home country ? Does it look arrogant and unrealistic to Fulbright committee? Does the Fulbright prefer more realistic plans like “make teaching career and share with obtained in USA experience” ?