In 1970 sports sociology became an official field of study.

Consider, for example, a mousetrap. If you know that someone has purchased a mousetrap, what you know is the function it performs. It is designed (either well or badly) to capture mice. There are dozens of types of mousetraps, from the familiar spring-loaded variety with cheese, to poisonous chemicals placed in a "mouse hotel". Knowing only that it is a mousetrap, you know nothing about it performs its function or materials it is made of. And for that, you may not care -- so long as it performs its function well. It is instructive that an expression has entered our language that focuses on the purely functional properties of mousetraps. If someone is trying to create a new invention, a new method of performing a familiar function, we say "they are trying to build a better mousetrap."

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These theories include behaviorism, functionalism and the identity theory....

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Forms of illegal dumping and litter include disposing of empty cans in a forest, pouring factory waste down a storm sewer, placing furniture along a back property line, dropping a bag of grass trimmings in an open field, and discarding cigarette butts on the side of the road.

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2. Expectations. It is a fundamental property of action thus defined that it does not consist only of ad hoc "responses" to particular situational "stimuli" but that the actor develops a of "expectations" relative to the various objects of the situation. These be structured only relative to his own need-dispositions and the probabilities of gratification or deprivations contingent on the various alternatives of action which he may undertake. But in the case of interaction with social objects a further dimension is added. Part of ego's expectation, in many cases the most crucial part, consists in the probable action of alter to ego's possible action, a reaction which comes to be anticipated in advance and thus to affect ego's own choices (p. 5).

Functionalism was developed as a combination of the Behaviorist theory and the Identity theory.

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Functionalism is a theory of the mind that claims to tell us the fundamental nature of our mental states. Your mental states include everything from your of heights to your that it is Tuesday, from your to eat an ice cream cone to the sharp in your leg. Fears, beliefs, desires, pains are all mental states. Your mental states include the cognitive processing that you are aware of because they are accompanied by subjective experiences, or "feelings", of some kind. But they also include the cognitive processing that you are not aware of, like the way your visual system turns simple two-dimensional line-drawings into a three-dimensional "world".

Functionalism is interested in the relationships between systems within society....

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For example, the functionalist perspective is a very black and white lens that deals with how different parts of society benefit from one another, while symbolic interactionism interprets how and why people interact a certain way socially due to their beliefs, and finally conflict theory deals more with the power struggle between groups in society....

The belief that women aren't capable of what men are in sports have held women back for centuries.

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The metaphor often used to describe functionalism is that it views society as a body, with the different socialisation agents —government, media, religion, the family, etc., and, of course, education—being like the different organs in a body, each contributing in a different way to keeping the entire body healthy....

Sociological Theory Sports sociology is studied in many different perspectives.

Functionalism is a view in the theory of the mind

So, what does your desire for an ice cream cone and the pain in your leg have to do with thermostats and heating systems? Well, according to functionalism, the essential nature of your desires and your pains is not to be found in the that your desires are composed of, but rather in the that each performs. What kind of stuff your pain made of? Are pains somehow made of molecules (i.e., physical stuff)? Or are they made of some kind of immaterial According to functionalism, we can describe the essential features of our mental states without mentioning what kind of stuff it is made of. We need only describe what goes into and what comes out of each of the componenet black boxes. An account of a particular mental state, like pain, is complete when all of its functional properties have been identified. The stuff that is used to implement those functional properties is not an essential part of what mental states really are.