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Basically, the historians maintain that generations fall into one of four archetypes and occur in one of four cycles that go on repeating themselves. The archetypes are prophet, nomad, hero, artist and the cycles are high, awakening, unraveling and crisis. Everything they’ve written about Generation X has been spot-on for me. Others may see it differently. With that, here are some of the stereotypical traits of Generation X. Keep in mind, much of this persona was fleshed out in the 1980 and 90s. Today, Xers are in or approaching middle age and a different persona has emerged.

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first of all, i think that generation gap always exists as long as there are generations.

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A Personal Response to the Articles I believe Wilson makes a strong point in “Bridging the Gaps” when she discusses the importance of businesses encouraging generations to work together in areas where their preferences and beliefs overlap.

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Country music, possessing a broader generation gap than other musical genres such as hip-hop, shows how our generation isn't necessarily the “Me Me Me” generation people believe we are....

The other two generations have entirely different values in the sense that they are loyal to [either and or] self and relationships.

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Many of the aforementioned problems are among the themes explored in the iconic Generation X movie Reality Bites. Janeane Garafalo plays a college graduate working as a sales associate at The Gap. In addition to making Winona Ryder the darling of her generation, the film helped nurture the entrepreneurial spirit of Generation X. In fact, famous Gen X entrepreneurs include the founders of Google, Twitter and Amazon.

Frank Conroy’s essay “My Generation”, Conroy explains on how and why his generation got the name “Silent Generation”.

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The older generation worked on a very basic model where they found happiness in materialistic success. An entire lifetime was dedicated in hoarding the simple roti, kapada aur makaan. The young today, however, already have everything served on a plat & it’s causing all paradigm shifts of thoughts. Grown up has its attraction but it comes with responsibilities. Today teenagers want to party till late night but when it comes to morning classes it is different story. For parents it is become difficult to make their child understand that if they want to party hard then they need to work even harder. Possessiveness of parents also play equal role in this gap widening. Most parents tend to forget that babies do grow up someday and when the time comes, they must let them go and find their own way in the world. Because of this two different directional pulling each side feels that other side is talking foreign language.

I stumbled across this webpage kind of by accident. I saw an article on “hipsters” and started looking up my own generation.

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Hello Jennifer. Thank you so much for your Generation X blog. This was most definitely educational. I have also never known about the different generation names out there.

Starting 11/17/17, Anthology Film Archives announces new film series, , inspired by “GENERATION WEALTH by Lauren Greenfield”.

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Generation X grew up without segregation. They grew up loving Different Strokes and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. These cultural influences contributed to a generation that is more accepting and more inclusive of others. Generation X has long embraced diversity. Moreover, Hip Hop is widely recognized as the music born of Generation X.