On the topic of important issues are genetically modified foods.

The following paper will focus on such questions as well as providing a better understanding of what genetically modified foods are and how they should be regulated....

These are called genetically modified (GM) foods, or organisms.

Genetically modified foods also have a bad consequence to needy families from small villages.

The term GM foods or GMO’s means genetically modified organisms....

Genetically Modified Crops are foods that have had a gene extracted from a living thing, which has been placed into a different food by a scientist....

They are all some of the most commonly genetically modified foods ..

The advent of genetically engineered foods, sometimes called transgenic crops or genetically modified foods, is not a new concept, but the controversy over it is.

Once hailed as scientific miracle foods, these GMO’s quickly infiltrated the public diet.

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This unpredictability appears to be causing the most controversy over genetically modified foods, as there is insufficient evidence and need for further research.

but the production and use of genetically modified foods will help ..

After the genetically modified food is absorbed into the human digestive tract, these antibiotic genes could potentially be absorbed into the blood stream or into the bacteria in the intestines(5).

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Because the sale of genetically modified foods has been allowed without proper assessment of the risks to health (7), these potentially associated risks have become an issue of increasing concern.

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Health and Safety Most of the genetically modified crops contain a mixture of genes from bacteria, viruses, and petunias that allow them to survive through the use of weed-killers.

Genetically modified food (GMF, GM Crops, or Bio-Food) are the norm in America today.

How Genetically Modified Foods Affect Our Lives

They have been erroneously giving the impression that "...one gene controls one character trait, and transferring the gene results in the transfer of the corresponding trait to the genetically modified organism, which can then pass it on indefinitely to future generations" (6).

Genetically modified and process foods cover roughly 60 to 70% of our food supply.

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Genetically Modified Foods need to be eliminated from agriculture because of the threat they pose to human health, the environment, and the impact on global economy....

Genetically modified foods are in our diets and on the shelves in the supermarket.

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We are not aware of the damage genetically modified organism can bring, by altering the natural traits of our foods not only impact our environment but it also impacted our abilities to functions as regular humans....