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What kind of student does well at Georgia Tech? How would you describe the student body? What would you most want an applicant to the school to know?

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The Agrosecurity Certificate at the University of Georgia is the only undergraduate certificate, minor, or major in agrosecurity being offered at U.S. institutions with a comprehensive study of plant, animal, and food industries in relation to policy and food system security. It satisfies the requirements of Awareness Level Response and Recovery for animal and plant biosecurity.

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Certificate program graduates will be competitive in the job market because of their broad background. In particular, graduates should be very attractive in the rapidly growing high–tech industries in Georgia.

How does Georgia Tech draw students from across the country and around the world?

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The Applied Biotechnology major at the University of Georgia brings together areas of study such as animals, food science, forestry, entomology, and plants to educate students with the knowledge and skills necessary to use biotechnology for the improvement of plants, animals, and microorganisms.

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Rick Clark, Director of Undergraduate Admission at joins us this month to answer five questions about one of the country's leading public research universities. GT or Georgia Tech, as it's known, opened its doors in 1888 with two buildings -- one for classrooms, the other housing a foundry, forge, boiler room and engine room. It was the culmination of a plan spearheaded by two former Confederate officers to found a school that would move the south from an agrarian past into the industrial age.

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All first-year students who started in summer or fall can apply during their first fall semester to join the Honors Program for the spring semester. Midterm applicants to the Honors Program have to be more committed to engaging with the Honors Program community on their own initiative and are selected with more scrutiny than the early applicants. These students are required to live on campus in the upper-level HP block of housing during their second year at Georgia Tech.

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Georgia Tech knows who it is. I believe many schools are still searching for a niche or trying to establish an identity. But we are today who we were at our founding in 1885 — a place deeply committed to Progress and Service. Progress is the movement toward a goal — the development or growth of something. Our faculty, staff and students are united in a vision of moving toward solutions. Not a day goes by that someone from Tech — a researcher, faculty member, student —is not mentioned in the national or international press for devising a product or creating a policy or spawning an idea that's going to make lives better. And service. Being aware of others and their needs — observing and then taking action. This is Georgia Tech. It's a magically busy place. That's who we are. It's active, engaging, constantly changing, adapting and looking ahead. Cedric Stallworth, an alumnus and associate dean in our College of Computing says, "Georgia Tech produces white collar talent with blue collar work ethic." That rings so poignantly accurate to me — it's a place you cannot help but be exceedingly proud of.

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The A.B. major in Dance at the University of Georgia enables dancers to develop technical proficiency and choreographic ability; gain experience in performance, production, and teaching; explore the scientific, philosophical, and historical foundations of dance; consider the relationship of dance to other art forms; experience the power of dance as an educational tool; and encounter dance as a total theatre experience.