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The qualities of each of the ages are those which are naturally proper to the planet compared with it.—
For up to about the fourth year, the moon takes over the age of infancy: suppleness, lack of fixity in body, quick growth, changeability of condition, and the imperfection and inarticulate state of soul.
In the following ten years of childhood, Mercury begins to articulate and fashion the intelligent and logical part of the soul, to implant certain seeds and rudiments of learning, and to bring to light individual peculiarities of character and faculties, awakening the soul.
Venus, taking charge in the third age, that of youth, for the next eight years, begins to inspire an impulse toward the embrace of love.

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The main thing that makes Ren Ai unusual is that it exists at all. Old people's homes are a rarity in China, catering for only about 1% of the over-65s, far less than in most Western countries. The vast majority of older Chinese live with their families. Care for the old within the family is not only a cultural expectation, based on the Confucian tradition of respect for age and experience; under a law passed in 1996 it is also a legal obligation. Elderly people have been known to sue their families for maintenance if they fail to comply.

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It is easy to predict what the old age of such a royal soul mustbe. She knows no vacant, restless solitude. Her library is full ofold acquaintances, whose noble deeds and words are as familiar asthose of living friends. When tired of reading she can recite bythe hour inspiring sentiments in prose and verse, and, if she hascultivated a taste for music, and can play on some instrument,then, in diviner language than any words can reach, she will touchthe deepest, tenderest chords in the human soul; and thus withboundless resources to entertain herself, she will always be acharming companion alike to old and young.

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Only then does one start to feel free; only then has one learned to strip oneself down to one's essential creative simplicity.

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These older people are active in social interactions and volunteer work. They are looking for opportunities to continue to be independent and keep dignity. Social access can help motivate these people's active engagement and fulfillment. While companionship, friendship, and faith play a significant role in older people's lives, they have to face some challenges, such as physical decline, loss, and changes. They felt they were not in an "old" category. "Being old is being sick" is still a common belief among them. Aging to them not only means losing independence, freedom, and dignity, but also having more experiences and wisdom.

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Middle age, too, repeats alike the virtues and the follies ofour youth. Our girls are now wives of senators in Washington. One in a simple, comfortableestablishment, outside the whirl of fashion, performs the socialduties incumbent on her position with becoming etiquette, givingher best hours and faculties to a higher world of thought. Shereads Comte, Buckle, Darwin,Spencer, John Stuart Mill, American jurisprudence, Constitutionallaw, the Congressional Record, keeping pace with the debates on allgreat questions of government. She is interested in the reforms ofthe day, possibly attends the woman's rights conventions, and,through her influence, her husband may be the champion in theSenate of all bills for just and progressive legislation. Good menvisit her to have their moral purposes strengthened to newendeavor, to be encouraged in patriotic sentiments and labors forthe real good of the nation. Her ambition for her husband andchildren is that they may lead pure, grand lives, and by every wordand action to leave the world better than they found it; to makethemselves links in the chain of influences by which humanity maybe lifted to a higher plane of action. With Mazzini, the great Italian apostle of liberty, she labors:first, for justice and equality to all; second, for the love ofcountry; third, for the best interests of the family; fourth, forher own highest good and development. With her the universe is notbuilt on the Ego, but the Ego is the outgrowth of the universe.

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~Dave Barry, "Your Disintegrating Body," , 1990

But now that I am thin on top,
And sagging slightly round the crop,
I realise what father meant,
By saying he was quite content,
To be what Time intended he
By all the laws of life should be.
For now I'm neither old nor young,
I'm free to give the subject tongue,
And say that when a man's a sport he's
Sailing in the roaring forties.
~Kenneth Alfred Evelyn Alexander (c.1890–1953), "The Roaring Forties," in , 1931 June 1st

I was cursed or blessed with a prolonged adolescence; I arrived at some seeming maturity when I was past thirty.