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She would be no longer the rulerof her own soul." In a brief "Note" at the start of Dreaming War, Vidal declareshimself to be trading in a literary form that's new to him: the pamphlet,which he calls "the oldest form of American political discourse." Thus hededicates the book to Publius - the pseudonym under which AlexanderHamilton, James Madison and John Jay published the numerous Federalistpapers - and he even includes Perpetual War for Perpetual Peacein the genre, along with two short collections of related essays he hadpublished earlier: The Decline and Fall of the American Empire(1992), and The American Presidency (1998).

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In themeantime, he has provided The Gore Vidal Index with the  of histranslation.

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Thomas Gore, D-Okla., was just such an isolationist (in Vidal view, anti-imperialist), and so the grandson carried on a family ideological tradition that, one might say, skipped a generation (Vidal's father worked in the Roosevelt administration).

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The United States has been engaged in what the great historian Charles A. Beard called "perpetual war for perpetual peace." The Federation of American Scientists has cataloged nearly 200 military incursions since 1945 in which the United States has been the aggressor. In a series of penetrating and alarming essays, whose centerpiece is a commentary on the events of September 11, 2001 (deemed too controversial to publish in this country until now) Gore Vidal challenges the comforting consensus following September 11th and goes back and draws connections to Timothy McVeigh's bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City. He asks were these simply the acts of "evil-doers?" "Gore Vidal is the master essayist of our age." — Washington Post "Our greatest living man of letters."—Boston Globe "Vidal's imagination of American politics is so powerful as to compel awe."—Harold Bloom, The New York Review of Books

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publication, itappeared in the 2002 Italian book Le menzogne dell'impero e altretristi verit�, another small collection of Vidal's writings, openingwith the Observer essay.

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After the magazine declined to print it, Vidal's Italianpublisher, Fazi Editore, issued La fine della libert�: Verso un nuovototalitarismo?, a collection of four essays - including the essay onSept.

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To this final piece he adds a prefaceand a footnote - written "a dozen days before the inauguration of theloser of the 2000 presidential election" - that sees the Bush-Cheneypresidency as one of "a powerless Mikado ruled by a shogun vice presidentand his Pentagon counselors." Much of the material in Perpetual War for Perpetual Peaceappears in The Last Empire, Vidal's 2001 essay collection.