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In the contexts set up by Araeen’s manifesto, it is an encouraging development that artists who do not portray themselves necessarily as environmentalists, and whose practices include a wider range of concerns, nonetheless address ecological issues with great acuity. One example is Sean Martindale’s Nature (2009), homespun by comparison with the elaborate and expensive installations of Horn, Eliasson and many others, but equally telling. Martindale carefully crafted large, cardboard block letters spelling N A T U R E and deposited the word/idea/concept/sculpture on the curb outside his home for pickup by the recycling crew. He was acting as a good, green citizen, putting his cardboard out for collection. He videoed the ensuing drama from a hidden location across the street, capturing cars stopping and backing up for a better look, pedestrians taking pictures of and discussing this gentle intrusion into their urban landscape. He caught the denouement, when city workers loaded the letters into their truck, compressed them, and drove away. If ecology can be defined as the science and humanistic perspective that studies the interactions between organisms and their environment, then this is an ecological artwork. It is low tech, made of recycled materials, and it disappeared within a few hours. Nature is not represented or pictured here in the typical mode of a landscape painting. Neither is the impossibility of its representation presented, as in the category of the Sublime. The work is conceptual to the extent that Nature is presented as language, as a concept. What Martindale catalyzes (and with what? A performance, a sculpture, an intervention?) is conversation about Nature, at home and on the street, his street. His work suggests that Nature is the ultimate global/local concern.

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In other words this macho culture artifact that the cowboy has become is simply a man who posses resilience, patience, and an instinct for survival" (Ehrlich, 105).
In the essay, "About Men" Gretel writes about how our culture has perceived cowboys as "macho, trigger happy" men when they are really not like that.

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Their job is to 'just take it'" (Ehrlich, 105).
Writing Style
Gretel's writing style was;
-used complex words "androgynous-partly male and partly female in appearance"
-very passionate about her cowboys
-very detailed

Authors Background
-Native Californian
-She became a documentary film maker and moved to Wyoming in 1979
-She fell in love with the country side and people, especially the cowboys
-She became a rancher and published 17 books that were all about her experiences
How would you describe a "cowboy"?

ex: tough, manly, hot, gentlemen, cocky, hardworking, "homegrown", rugged, standoffish, fragile, player...etc
Follow Up
Do y'all still look at cowboys the same?

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What strikes me most about Araeen’s statement is the fact that it responds so forcefully to a problem that remains nebulous. Nobody is a stranger to the feeling of what he calls, an “impending disaster,” connected to irreparable damage to the planet’s ecology. But Araeen is hard-pressed to locate either the actual problem or its source, hence he carries out an unmoored polemic against the barbarism of civilization (Frankfurt School), fundamental human hubris (what he calls the narcissistic ego or nar-ego), the failure of the avant-garde, simple apathy and greed, before even arriving at the issue of ecology. To these culprits of environmental negligence we could also add a litany of seemingly insurmountable pressures: global capitalism, the oil economy, nuclear testing, corporate agriculture and aquaculture, population, etc…

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Gretel Ehrlich (b. 1946) is an American essayist, novelist, poet, and travel writer, and a kindred spirit of John Muir, often referred to as the Walt Whitman of Wyoming. She was educated at Bennington College, UCLA Film School, and New School for Social Research. In addition to her award-winning book , from which “About Men” is taken, she has authored twelve works of fiction and nonfiction.

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