"the lionking" and "hamlet": A homecoming for the exiled child.

Personally, "The Lion King" adaptation made Hamlet seem impractical even though the characters were animated and cartoonish, singing and dancing in the beautiful and vibrant Serengeti. Despite the fact that, lions, the main and most powerful predators of the lands, and other hunted animals do not actually have a cohabited and mutually beneficial relationship, as depicted in the movie, the actions and mannerisms in reaction to the plot was more convincing than those of Hamlet.

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In The Lion King, a cub named Simba, plays the role of the young prince whose father Hamlet vs.

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"The Lion King" changes my perspective on Hamlet because as an allegory, it represents some of the major people in any individual's life (such as Rafiki, meaning friend and Nala meaning gift), and throughout the movie, they continue to embody those roles. Everyone has a constant friend in their lives, assisting them relentlessly, and a person they consider a gift, who changes their life in a more positive direction. At the same time, you can replace characters from Hamlet with characters from "The Lion King," for instance, Mufasa is Hamlet's father and Nala is Ophelia. This is interesting because you really can parallel these two seemingly very different stories. I did not realize "The Lion King" was based on the plotline of Hamlet until I read the book, which gave me a new perspective on what the stories represented and how they interact with one another. You can see the contemplation in both Simba and Hamlet's minds as they plan their courses of revenge against their uncles and how both characters do embody naivete that only Simba has the chance to outgrow. However, if a lesson were to be learned, it would probably be found in the morals "The Lion King" has to offer.

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While Hamlet tricks many people, it is often evident that he is clearly not mad but instead completely of sane mind that he is using to trick the king and his company....

The ghost of deceased Kings figure visit Hamlet/Simba and encourages them to "set T.S.

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Haskell House Hamlet and The Lion King: Shakespearean Influences on Modern Hamlet and The Lion King: Shakespearean Influences on leaves Hamlet incredibly melancholy, and Simba without a royal Hamlet." Elizabethan Essays.

The Lion King and Hamlet: Similarities and Differences Simba and Hamlet are different ages.

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Although there is a clear parallel between the play Hamlet and the movie, "The Lion King," the adaptation was made for a family audience so young children can also be included; therefore, with a milder plotline and the "happily ever after" conclusion, the darker themes of Hamlet were for the most part forgotten and the movie itself can stand on its own. Hamlet relied heavily on the themes and ideas of vengeance, murder, and selfish motivations; however, the only theme truly explicitly represented to "The Lion King" audience was the selfish agenda Scar had to become king by murdering his brother. Even this simple reference was stifled by Simba's retaliation, which was glorified through song and dance about becoming the next king after Scar was out of the picture for good. All actions in the movie were justified. In addition, animals, especially lions, are expected to be a bit more vicious than humans; therefore, the occurrence of death is more inevitable in "The Lion King" than in Hamlet.