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This collection provides an excellent example of literary scholarship and moves emphatically towards silencing those who believe that Harry Potter is not a suitable subject for serious academic discourse … The second section, “Conjuring Harry Potter into the Canon,” contains essays that offer pedagogical applications, various ways that this J.

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Overall, this is a volume which insists that the Harry Potter books should be taken seriously.

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Jonathan Zimmerman, a New York University professor of education history, explored the history of censorship in the classroom in his essay, "Harry Potter and His Censors," in Education Week, Aug. 2, 2000 (use date and essay title in searching the Ed. Week archives). Though an ardent fan of the Potter series, Zimmerman cautioned against knee-jerk reactions to all censor-groups, based upon the valid claims of other groups throughout the history of the American classroom. His citations of Little Black Sambo and anti-Semitic stories in New York City textbooks as recently as the 1950s should give everyone pause for thought.

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“The Values’ Wasteland”: Harry Potter and the Formation of Character (William Wandless)
13. Metaphor and MetaFantasy: Questing for Literary Inheritance in J.

Though shrouded in this controversy, the Harry Potter book series has brought more good to children across the globe than it has done harm.

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It’s a good thing when children enjoy books, isn’t it? Most of us think so. But like many children’s books these days, the Harry Potter series has recently come under fire. In Minnesota, Michigan, New York, California and South Carolina, parents who feel the books promote interest in the occult have called for their removal from classrooms and school libraries.

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In a number of states, there have been attempts, some successful and some unsuccessful, to have the Harry Potter books , and banned or under severe restrictions in school libraries. For example, in Gwinnett County, Georgia, a parent challenged the Harry Potter books on the grounds that they promoted witchcraft. When school officials ruled against her, she went to the State Board of Education. When the BOE confirmed the right of local school officials to make such decision, she took her battle against the books to court. Although the judge ruled against her, she indicated she might continue her fight against the series.

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The works included here examine how and why readers of all ages engage with these books including consumerism and Harry Potter’s role within the mass market, social order within the wizarding world and its reflection or distortion of reality, and the role of Harry Potter in pedagogy.

As a result of all of the attempts to ban the Harry Potter books, those in favor of the series also began speaking out.

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The real danger is not in the books, but in laughing off those who would ban them. The protests against Harry Potter follow a tradition that has been growing since the early 1980’s and often leaves school principals trembling with fear that is then passed down to teachers and librarians.

Reading all the books in the series will allow you to make an informed decision about the Harry Potter books for your children.

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There have been challenges to the Harry Potter books in more than a dozen states. The Harry Potter books were number seven on the American Library Association's list of the 100 most frequently challenged books of 1990-2000, and they were number one on the ALA's .

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The Harry Potter controversy has gone on, in one form or another, for years, particularly before the series ended. On one side of the Harry Potter controversy are those who say that J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books are wonderful fantasy novels with powerful messages for kids and the ability to make even reluctant readers eager readers. On the other side of the Harry Potter controversy are those that say that the Harry Potter books are evil books designed to promoted an interest in the occult since the hero Harry Potter, the hero of the series, is a wizard.