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American Feminist Criticism
American feminine critics began by analyzing literary texts rather than by philosophizing abstractly about language.

Look at the portrayals of women showing how clearly this tradition of systematic masculine dominance is inscribed in our literary tradition.

Created a model that they named "gynocriticism".
discover women's history and culture
discover neglected and forgotten women writers

Area of debate within American feminism:
whether feminism weakens or fortifies itself by emphasizing its separateness
some stress universal feminine attributes
political conditions experienced by particular groups of women during specific periods in history

American Feminist Criticism
British Feminist Critisism
more political than American feminists

the universalizing and "essentializing" tendencies in both American practice and French theory disguise women's oppression by highlighting sexual differences, implicitly suggesting that a dominant system is impervious to political change

British emphasize engagement with historical processes to promote social change
British Feminist Criticism
British Feminist Model:
- emphasizes an understanding of the material conditions of men and women's lives is central to an understanding of culture

- production of ideology determines cultural practice and social change
“Too Beautiful Altogether”; Patriarchal Ideology in Heart of Darkness
By: Johanna M.

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These words from Kurtz have “the unbounded power of eloquence” for Marlow, while his aunt’s similar vision is dismissed out of hand.

Marlow’s aunt can be dismissed as sentimental pretence.

Heart of Darkness
“It's queer how out of touch with truth women are.

Heart of Darkness — Literary Analysis ..

Some confounded fact we men have been living contentedly with ever since the day of creation would start up and knock the whole thing over.” - Marlow

It is implied that the experience of truth is a male province.
Heart of Darkness
The savage woman who appears as Kurtz is being carried onto the ship is a symbol Marlow creates in order to control the threatening wilderness.

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It is an effort to defuse and hence control the power and sexuality of the women and the earth itself.

The savage woman is sexually and emotionally dependent on Kurtz and conventionally native (emotionally dependent on him as an ivory-trader).

Through the two women Marlow encounters at the Company’s Brussels office, whom he silences by figuring them as fates or demonic forces accountable for his actions, Marlow silences his own doubts.
Heart of Darkness
This first mention of the Intended is the prelude to the feminine sphere she will inhabit: belief in her will balance Kurtz’s final expression of belief only in the “horror.”

“Oh, she is out of it – completely.

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Heart of Darkness and A Passage to India feature British characters who have internalized the ideological assumptions of their natural superiority to the Africans and Indians respectively yet many, when actually carrying out their imperialistic duties distant from the mother culture, often find their assumptions strained not only because of the stress of the tropics but also because these assumptions are not inherently "true" but are components of a version of reality that justify the British Empire's existence.

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Heart of Darkness
Marlow's aunt's view of his job –
“weaning those ignorant millions from their horrid ways”
– is adjectivally idealistic, hence feminine, while his – “
the Company was run for profit
” – is starkly realistic, hence masculine.

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The lie implied that men live in a world in which they can handle and experience the truth of horror.
Heart of Darkness
Marlow uses irony to allow him to mask his ambivalence about the imperialism of the Company which employs him, to disguise his dependence on women.

“My intent has been to show that feminist criticism is a method of avoiding his detachment, of making ourselves aware of the patriarchal ideology in which he and perhaps we too unwittingly participate." - Johanna M.

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Heart of Darkness
As Marlow turns the savage woman’s body into an image of the jungle, this process works in the service of both patriarchal and imperialist ideology.