High School Athletes Turning Pro essays

Evidence 2: Student-athletes are not the only ones at fault for having this mindset; the society around them conditions them into valuing sports so much more that academics.

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The ongoing debate whether student athletes should be paid has been going on for years.

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They need to get the “athletic-students”, who are only in college for the sports, to become “student-athletes”, who are students that are good at sports but have school as the number one priority....

High school athletes turning pro.

Modern athletes ranging from the high school to professional levels are faced with many pressures and temptations, normally outside the realm of their sport.

High school sports provide a sense of school pride and dedication to the athlete’s school.

High school athletes turning pro essays

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Interventionsregarding career concerns could be initiated on all three previously citedlevels. Program interventions can provide education about the world of work inthe form of workshops where alumni who were athletes in college come to talk tothe student athletes about their experiences post graduation. Also, a generalorientation to the career resources in the

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That is, what are the underlying principles which guide how Coach Reighard treats his student-athletes and others, designs situations, structures assignments, communicates, etc.

Like most students, these athletes need money, but do not have a spare moment to work....

High School Athletes Going Pro Essay

In an article on entitled “Planning Summer Breaks With Eye on College Essays,” Jenny Anderson describes how high school students are more and more frequently turning to expensive summer programs and lavish travel in the hope of standing out to admissions counselors at highly selective colleges in their .

influences decision making stylesof student athletes may provide useful information.

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Interventionswith athletes could take place on an individual, group, or program level. Sinceacademic concerns seem salient for athletes, intervention on a program levelseems appropriate for athletes. This could include computer literacy/trainingas well as academic support for athletes so that the anxiety level decreasesconcerning grades. In addition, academic counseling could be a way to lessenanxieties about grades as well as exploring the self-concept concerningbeing a student who is also an athlete. This can be an arena for the athlete towork through stereotypes and gain greater self­confidence concerning academics.

This study was donein cooperation with the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and theCounseling Center.

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The current system now gives student athletes scholarships to pay for their education in return for hours practicing and competing for their institution.