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Scholarships commonly target specific age groups or grade levels. These range from “high school juniors born in a particular calendar year” to “anyone currently enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate or professional program”. By limiting eligibility requirements to a specific population, scholarship providers are making sure that students are competing at an equal grade level.

How can I survive my high school reunion?

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2002 to celebrate their 44th high school class anniversary reunion

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An essay on my high school reunion - …

What I’m talking about is something I learned after having written The Last Time I Saw You. I wrote a novel about attending a high school reunion without ever having attended a high school reunion. After the book came out, many people thought I’d gone to a reunion and taken a lot of notes, and eavesdropped on a lot of conversations. They said –and wrote, on book review sites–that I did this, and they said with great authority that I did this. Well. I went out on tour and revealed the truth: I had never been to a high school reunion, unless you call the one my military-base high school in Germany had—in San Antonio, Texas. That reunion included far more than one year, and I didn’t know a lot of the people who came because the population was ever shifting. But I never attended the typical high school reunion, where the class of X gets together, and nearly all the people know each other, and were together for four years.

High School Reunion Program
If such an event is not offered, consider getting together informally on your own with some classmates you were close with in high school.

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Twenty-four months before
Form a committee
Recruit and appoint subcommittee members
Survey classmates for ideas and venue preferences
Determine event format
- picnic, dinner-dance, etc
- informal, formal
- single day event, multi-day event
Brainstorm additional activities (school tours, etc)
Set date(s)
Scout candidate reunion facilities and hotels
Develop budget
Start developing mailing list

Eighteen months before
Select and reserve reunion facility and hotels
Arrange for and hire entertainment, caterer, photographer, etc.

Twelve months before
Determine cost per ticketSend initial mailer announcing date and location of reunion
Publicize reunion information
- public web sites
- newspapers
Arrange for additional leisure activities (sightseeing tours, etc.)
Pay deposits

Six months before
Mail reunion registration materials
Confirm all reservations, caterer, entertainment, etc.
Select menu
Meet with hotel and reunion venue staff

Four months before
Make payment arrangements with all suppliers for group functions
- meals, tours, photographer, DJ, etc.

One month before
Finalize any last minute details

When should we have our reunion?
Certainly Friday or Saturday are the most desirable dates to consider for your reunion.

Starting in 5th grade up until high school graduation, she was tormented by her classmates, getting little or no help from authority.

High school reunion essay memoir essay about a person

One day a popular girl, who had her own car, stamped her foot and shouted to a friend who was walking home with me…”
“High School is a component of the American subconscious.”

High school impacts
the rest of our lives.
Side note: Think about cliques and
how they can define you in high school...
Do memories of how you were defied in high school carry all throughout life?

Then at the ten year reunion, those same high school jocks, cheerleaders, nerds, and band geeks gather once again to reminisce over the past....

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Most of our memories of high school are mental snapshots of events and people. I’ve already written about some of those memories in my February 29 contribution to the Rolfe Alumni Forum. There was also the night in 1957 when Rolfe lost to Webster City in the district basketball tournament. I don’t know whether there was more excitement because Rolfe was in the district tournament or because of the severe blizzard which forced many people to stay overnight in the school gym. Who can forget marching band practices - up and down the street in front of school or on the football field? And unless we had band practice, we generally had an entire hour for lunch. That meant we ate lunch in less than 30 minutes and then walked up town or to a friend’s house, played softball on the playground, visited in the gym, or sat on the railings in front of the school.