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The approximate number of Hispanics living in theUSAin the year 2008 was about 46.9 million thus making the Hispanics the vastest ethnic group (U.S Census Bureau, 2009). Hispanic is the term that was used by U.S federal government in the year 1970 in order to offer a denominator to a diverse and a large population that connects with the Spanish language and culture from the Spanish countries. It is therefore imperative to discuss at length some of the Hispanic groups, their political, linguistic, religious, economic, social and other rational statuses as well as the major differences and similarities among the four Hispanic groups.

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Write a report based on the diversities between Hispanic and Latino origins, the differences between them, Mexican Americans, Puerto Rican Americans, Cuban Americans, and Dominican Americans.

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The Central and South Americans as well as the Cuban Americans have the highest number of college graduates among all the Hispanic groups thus they have the lowest rates of poverty. The Central and South Americans have no any cohesive group and have a diverse language as well as color gradient. Their social class also differ greatly (Richard, 2006). They face vast levels of unemployment as compared to the whites (Richard, 2006) though they are better educated as compared to most of the Hispanic groups. In future they might come to retain their independence like the Cubans and establish an economic base.

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Most of the Puerto Ricans happen to be Roman Catholics and are mixed with divergent denominations of the protestant faiths. They speak in Castillian English (Hispanic American Diversity 2, n.d). English is taught in most elementary schools but Spanish remains to be the primary language amongPuerto Rico. Puerto Rico has its own constitution, and governor who is answerable to the executive authority ofUSA. Due to the commonwealth status, all the Puerto Ricans happen to beUSAcitizens. As far as politics are concerned there has always been controversy on whether or not they should maintain the relationship of the commonwealth in theUSAand go ahead to advocate for the entireUnited Statesor better still fight for their independence. Their assimilation has been both successful though distraught with catastrophes. Most of the Puerto Ricans still struggle with predicaments for example crime, drugs, lack of opportunities in education and breakdown of their familial structures (Green, n.d).

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The language of Mexican Americans is a mixture of Spanish and English and sometimes it is referred to as the Spanglish. Most of the Mexican Americans have managed to retain their language to date (Linn & George, n.d). In the census that was done in the year 2000, it revealed that approximately 75% of Mexican Americans spoke Spanish (Hispanic American Diversity 2, n.d). The Mexican Americans unlike the Cuban Americans have no many entrepreneurship or vast ethnic economy inMiami. The Mexican Americans have made little progress as far as moving from the immigrant status to the mainstream status is concerned because of discrimination and poor systems of education (Alba, 2006).

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Just as there are scholarships specifically targeted towards Latino, Hispanic, African American, and Native American minority students, there are scholarships solely for Asian or Pacific Islander students. It is misleading to categorize together all Asian and Pacific Islander populations since they not only differ regionally, but culturally as well. Asian American and Pacific Islanders, just as Latinos and Hispanics, are fast-growing populations in U.S. colleges and universities. When it comes to scholarships, there are organizations that may be looking specifically for either Asians or Pacific Islanders - and some may want both. For example, the Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund is dedicated to creating opportunities for students to access, complete, and succeed after post-secondary education through their scholarship program. AAPI students may need to prove interest in a specific field, demonstrate academic success or community leadership. Conducting a will show you what scholarships you qualify for based on a number of criteria.