41 Richard Hofstadter, (New York: Vintage, 1974), 173.

That saving the Union was Lincoln’s paramount object before 1863 is inhis first inaugural address: see Lincoln, 215-24, and the argument of this essay below.

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75 See the conclusion of Wilson’s essay on Lincolnin , 127-30.

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on Abraham Lincoln, where he pointed out that the American hero was not without flaws, Wendell Phillips, where he criticized Phillip's critics, and The Spoilsmen, in which he revealed the harsh reality of industrialization and its effect on politics and the economy. Hofstadter was part of a cynical undertow in a wave of progressive writing. The American Political Tradition is a very satisfying contradiction to all the hero praising, progressive historical writings of its time.

Thompson, editor, Essays on Lincoln’s Faith and Politics, p.

Abraham Lincoln is not only considered to be one of America’s greatest Presidents, but also is viewed as someone who helped to define America by his words as well as his deeds. Using the chapter (5) on Lincoln in the Hofstadter book and the four documents by Lincoln in the documents book, answer the following:
a)What is Hofstadter’s over-all judgment of Lincoln as a politician and a president?; and
b)Choosing any two of the documents by Lincoln (1st Inaugural, Emancipation Proclamation, Gettysburg Address, 2nd Inaugural), describe the specific historical context in which they were delivered, and show how they relate to other themes or ideas in American history (before 1865) which have been addressed in this course.

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essays on abraham lincoln JFC CZ as Abraham Lincoln s notes for a speech on slavery and American government ca

75 See the conclusion of Wilson’s essay on Lincolnin , 127 ..

Richard Hofstadter's The American Political Tradition, like all his other writings, was greatly influenced by the ideology of the time period in which he wrote. The book was written at a time when progressive ideas were the most prevalent school of thought. Hofstadter was part of a growing number of writers who challenged these self-glorifying ideas. In the mid-thirties America had lost practically all critical content in favor of a "resurgence of American cultural chauvinism,

The Ambiguous Legacy of Richard Hofstadter's Social Darwinism in American Thought" (PDF).

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His fascination withexplains as nothing else does why Lincoln was willing, in Hofstadter’swords, to take upon himself "the moral burden of the War."Shakespeare taught him that there was no other way.A conscience as sensitive as Lincoln’s is the perfection and flowerof our civilization, and helps explain many of the blessings we enjoy today.

Richard Hofstadter's 'Abraham Lincoln and the Self-Made Myth' is an essay included in what book?

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Ramsdell suggested, "byan awareness of his own part in whipping up the crisis" that had led tothe War. "Lincoln’srage for personal success," Hofstadter wrote, "his external and worldlyambition, was quieted when he entered the White House, and he was at lastleft alone to reckon with himself."The moral pressure was excruciating, and it had its effect on Lincoln’srobust constitution.