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An essay can be divided into many forms. First being the expository type which aims to explain. Next is the Persuasive type, which aims to convince a reader. Third is the Analytical type, which aims to analyze a particular work in any field and last is the argumentative essay, which presents arguments for or against an opinion or hypothesis. How to define expository essay is the topic undertaken and this would be accomplished by comparing expository form with the other forms.

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An essay was recognized as a literary form at a very later stage. Earlier writers like Francis Bacon, Benjamin Franklin and Rabindra Nath Tagore tried out their hands in this area and produced the finest pieces of art. An essay is the presentation of the view point of the writer on a specific topic. The word essay comes from the French word essai which means an attempt to . It attempts to explain or present the opinion of the author. It is generally grouped under expository prose but it can be further grouped in accordance to the purpose it serves.

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An essay is a literary prose form which aims to present facts or ideas in a straightforward and direct method. It was recognized at a much later stage as an independent form of prose. Many a times, it is the unrestricted, free flowing thought-process of the writer presented on the paper. This discussion would deal specifically with how to write an expository essay rather how to write a good expository essay. Firstly, an expository writing is one which is used to explain, describe and inform the reader what a writer wants to convey. Writing an expository essay can be an easy job if the writer follows a few essential steps.

Learn about writing definition essays, including how to select and define a term and how to write the thesis statement.
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What it is: At time of writing, Wikipedia provides a nice, pithy definition: In library and information science controlled vocabulary is a carefully selected list of words and phrases, which are used to tag units of information (documen...

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Circle the key verbs in the prompt:
The verbs identify what you have to do.
Underline the nouns:
The nouns identify what you have to do it to.
Write the verbs next to the nouns:
The list organizes what you must do to answer the prompt.
You can use this as a checklist for the prompt.
HIGHLIGHT the "Write" part if you need to!
Use a dictionary to help you understand words.
(The Dictionary should be your bestie!)
Ask for clarification of the prompt!

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If you want to know how to write an argumentative essay, first of all you need to understand what type of task it is. It’s an essay, which concentrates on an idea or a point of view, which is based on evidence and is supported by relevant data. The main goal of such an essay is to help the audience to understand the topic and try to make it accept your point of view.