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The horror!”

The resonating idea from Heart of Darkness comes from many of the devastating experiences Marlow has during his journey through the Congo.

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The thing was to know what he belonged to, how many powers of darkness claimed him for their own.

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When Chef encounters a tiger and runs back to the boat, he yells “Never get off the boat.” The river is a safe zone from the savageness and darkness of the jungle.

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He split from the whole fuckin' program.”
The novel Heart of Darkness was based upon many of Conrad’s own experiences as first mate of a riverboat in the Congo.

This darkness is evident in the savage blacks, but more so in the savage treatment of blacks by whites who call themselves civilized.

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While the women do play key roles in the plot of the story, they do not influence the main theme of the story, which is of Marlow’s exploration of the darkness which is inherent in the human soul.

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Conrad had also traveled to and worked at the Congo river as a captain of a steamer.

In the beginning, he is oblivious of the darkness that lies in the jungle.

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As the novel progresses, Marlow slowly falls to the horror of Heart of Darkness during his journey.
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The protagonist of the film is named Captain Willard, but he takes the same persona as Marlow in The Heart of Darkness.

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The alleged `superiority' of the European culture can be recognized by comparing their ideologies to those of the primitive, `inferior' `savages.' Conrad's personal experiences in the Belgian Congo, in the 1890s, influenced the compilation of Heart of Darkness, reflecting the waste and inefficiency of British Colonialism....

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At the same time when Heart of Darkness was surfacing in the 20th century society, a psychologist named Sigmund Freud was publishing his research findings....

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The limited depiction of female characters in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness and the way in which the three female characters are referred to by Marlow reflect Marlows view of women as inferior.