Global warming is destroying the polar bear habitat.

One author wrote that there is "...general agreement that increasing carbon dioxide will produce warming due to its ability to absorb in the infrared radiation" (Lindzen, 289).

There are studies that have indicated that no significant change in the overall global climate has yet taken place.

However, there is validity in the theory that Global Warming is real.

For years, global warming was a scientific theory nobody cared about except scientists....

The fact is that Global Warming is real and it is here.

The Arctic region affected by global warming includes the town of Barrow, Alaska. Barrow is considered to be the northern-most population in North America. There are about 4,400 people living in Barrow, 68 % being Alaskan natives. The Arctic Climate Impact Assessment has stated that Barrow's average temperatures have risen 2.5-3 ° C (4 E F) in the past thirty years alone (Handwerk, 2004). Global warming affects the indigenous peoples in many ways. The most obvious way that it affects them is through the food supply. Native Alaskans depend on hunting polar bear, walrus, seal, and caribou for subsistence and the preservation of their culture (Impacts of a Warming Arctic, 2004). Another fairly obvious way that the global warming affects the people of Alaska is through the melting of permafrost. Melting permafrost causes the sinking of homes, roads, and other infrastructures. The damage that the permafrost causes to roads alone costs the state almost 33 million dollars every year ( ).

"Some Coolness Concerning Global Warming." .

Global warming has caused the polar bear population to decrease due to the results of having to swim longer distances, loss of habitat, and lack of mates to reproduce offspring.

This will be done through a small representation of the facts related to manmade global warming....

GLOBAL WARMING Introduction Global warming is a topic ..

Rushdie can be considered a Socrates of the global village because Salman Rushdie is someone who publicly spoke his mind on what he believed in and gained enemies like Socrates.

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The idea of whether or not the temperature change in Alaska is being caused by greenhouse emissions or are raising naturally has been a great debate between many scientists and politicians around the world. Currently, our government is remaining quite ignorant to the problems that global warming causes and the idea that we are the cause of this problem. The mean temperatures have risen by 5 °F in summer and 10 °F
in winter since the 1970's (Egan, 2002).

One animal that has suffered most from global warming is the polar bear.

Global warming is gasses that are trapped in the atmosphere.

People like Maldives islanders will hopelessly lose their homes and countries when sea water horribly overflows and covers all the land if global warming is not prevented.

Global warming is caused by humans but we are not making an effort to fix it.

Monster storms are not happening because of global warming.

If you started out writing about the scarcity of information regarding global warming, but came across a bunch of scientific evidence supporting global warming, you at least have to consider revising what your essay is about.

A lot of humans still do not even know what global warming is and should be aware of this issue.

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There are two main types of permafrost. Continuous permafrost does not thaw at all during the year. Discontinuous permafrost's upper layers thaw during the warm seasons (Glossary, 2004). Distribution of different permafrost types is shown in . The continuous is located farther north than the other two types because the temperatures are cooler. Discontinuous is not actually permafrost, but rather a frozen soil formation because is does not meet the exact definition of permafrost. Continuous permafrost has a top layer called the active layer which thaws every year. The melting of this ice-rich permafrost is extremely harmful to the earth's surface. This has raised concerns for the stability of roads and other various structures, especially in the areas located in the Northern region of North America (Impacts of permafrost).