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This book makes an admirable attempt to capture not only the facts of the Irish contribution but also the essence of the impact the Irish character has made on the country.

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I began asking a few of my acquaintances, who are...
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Colonization began when we decided, as established, civilized nations that we were better than these so called 'lands of savages.' We claimed superior intelligence, culture, and divine right.

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"Two years ago, I reviewed Chris Arthur's Irish Haiku for an academic journal, and fell in love with a very superior essayist. This current volume is a selected collection, containing some of the same essays (which were a joy to re-read) and some ones that are new, or new to me. Arthur's is an uncommonly probing mind, one given to meditation. [It] pivots gently around words and their associations, but always corrals the apparently errant thoughts into an elegant whole. He has an eye for the emotional depth-charges that take one deeply into experiences of family, place and event ... What Arthur ... seeks to do is to find (or is it create?) the epiphanic moment, the moment that reveals significance, that marks events as meaningful beyond their mundaneness. Little things — bones, ferrules, pieces of linen — can flesh out character, changes in lifestyle, major historical shifts, and give rise to speculations on the big questions of life and mortality, and raise questions about the sacred and religion ... Arthur's is a well-stocked mind and his journeyings are full of electrical frissons, and gifts garnered along the winding paths. He may take his bearings from Ulster, and derive his sense of self and family from there, but he also moves confidently among the great religions of the world, and the minor ones too, and treats them with reverence if they enrich his understandings. We move in heady arcs from Leakey's discovery of hominid footsteps in Tanzania, to the Buddha, to Norse Eddas, and Sir James Frazer, Virgil and back to a garden swing in Ulster in 1932, when in Arthur's company we hear about mistletoe ... For literary readers, Arthur's love affair with language is infectious ... [his] prose is meditative magic."

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SAMPLE IRISH MUSIC ESSAYS. Our writers come from a variety of professional backgrounds. Some of them are journalists and bloggers, …

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Gaelic Language Kassandra Alsept AIU Online Abstract This paper reflects on the history of the Irish language and its dialects. This paper also visits

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