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Rochelle Park, NJ: Hayden, 1980.
Why is the sky blue?
Would these be good iSearch topics?
Why do fools fall in love?
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Final Thoughts
The "I" in I-Search is YOU!
Finding a Topic
Time prewrite!
First, use the LISTING technique.

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Rochelle Park, NJ: Hayden, 1980.
Your final paper will tell the story of your
personal search for information as well as
what you learned about the topic.
Final Paper will be 3-4 pages in length and include a Works Cited page with at least 3 sources.
Describe the significance of your research experience.

Restate your thesis, what it is you wanted to learn and why?
Describe important results of your research.

Support your findings with quotations from sources.

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Use quotes when the language of others is particularly powerful, paraphrase when the information is NOT common knowledge, and always
give CREDIT to your sources.
Do you have a section that explains why you are interested in your topic and identifies your questions?
Do you discuss your search?
Do you discuss what you learned?
Do you introduce your sources and discuss them indicating what information was provided and its usefulness?
Did you reflect upon your growth as a researcher and the research process?
Do you fully introduce and discuss all quotes?

(1.1)  Preview ALL of the links and information below for an overview of the essay and its requirements.

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(3.2) Incorporating Research into Essay: Review all of the resources below and view the sample paper. Then, complete the "Incorporating Research WS" @ end of section. (You do NOT have to use the template, just upload a paragraph to folder.)

Do you meet the 3-4 page minimum for the essay

This means engagement of 3-4 sentences after each.
Do you have a minimum of four or five sources?
Do you meet the 3-4 page minimum for the essay?
Do you format your entries according to MLA?
Do you have a properly formatted Works Cited?
Answer these questions about YOUR TOPIC.

Is your topic interesting and informative?

Does it lend itself to research?

Can you locate adequate information on your topic from a variety of outside sources?

If the information on your topic comes only from your knowledge and experience, there is no need for a search.
These may be interesting,
but are they "researchable?"

Topic is very important...
The process of your search is as important as the "results."
Hook readers' immediately.

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Support with quotations, paraphrases
and summaries of information from sources.
Follow MLA format.
"Contrary to most research papers, the iSearch comes out of a student's lives and answers a need in it" (Macrorie).
iSearch writing should be natural and about something you are passionate about
Topic selection is critical
Adapted from Macrorie, Ken.