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This society hoped to achieve "the marriage of the Italian insurrection to the army of Piedmont" and took as its slogan "Unity, Independence, and Victor Emmanuel" in the hope that monarchists, federalists, liberals and also those disenchanted with Mazzini's hitherto unavailing leadership of "Italian" republicanism could unite under a common cause.
Manin, Pallavicino and La Farina were offering their support towards the "Making of Italy" rather than the "Aggrandization of Piedmont".

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My life changed with one trip of a teacher to the chalkboard and one phrase, narrative essay.

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I am spending my holiday break with my family. New years eve, my aunt and grandpa always come over and we open the presents they got us. After, we go out to eat. We stay to listen to live music and its a lot of fun. It’s always a tradition that after my grandpa gives us pajamas to wear. Then on Christmas day, we wake up and open presents. We always get bagels and have fun trying out our new toys or clothes. My whole family from my dad and moms side come over at 1 and we spend the whole day together. Christmas is definitely the most wonderful time of the year.

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After the recovery of Austrian power in the Italian peninsula in 1849 Paris became a city of exile for many persons who had been prominent in "Italian" nationalistic and republican agitation in 1848-9.

The Kingdom of Italy that emerged after 1870 was not the dynamic, powerful state that many nationalists had hoped for.

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Cavour and Victor Emmanuel had shown themselves prepared to exploit Italian Nationalist sentimentin pursuit of annexations of territory to Piedmont-Sardinia.

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The Italy of all the Italians." Garibaldi recorded that listening to these words he felt "as Columbus must have done when he first caught sight of land".

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Savoy and Nice were dear to Italian sentiment, indeed Garibaldi,one of Italian Nationalism's populist leaders was actually aNizzard and was less than pleased by Nice becoming French.

A personal experience that helps to show my talents and skills can be illustrated by my trip to Italy last April with the MHS Language Department.

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Draft copies of this speech were sent to King Victor Emmanuel and to Napoleon III for their approval and, after these were returned to Cavour with some amendments by the King and Napoleon III, Cavour himself had an opportunity to make further deletions and additions during the process of translating the draft into Italian, the result was that on the 10th of January King Victor Emmanuel appeared before his parliament and, as part of his speech declared "While respecting treaties we cannot remain insensitive to the cry of suffering that rises towards us from so many parts of Italy." This sentence could not be expected to go down too well in Austrian circles.

Towards the end of January the understandings agreed between France and Piedmont were formalised through the signing of an "offensive-defensive" alliance.

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Quite apart from linguistic issues there were also problems of establishing a shared "Italian" civic consciousness and identification against the background where the multiplicity former states had been mainly been administered by reactionary statesmen and clerics and where the majority of the people had lived materially impoverished rural lives.
The population of the Kingdom of Italy in 1861 was some 22 million, of whom 8 million lived in the former Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, and of whom 17 million were illiterate.

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I wish for the independence of Italy, but I must maintain the authority of the Pope in which one hundred and fifty million of consciences are interested; and I am resolved to maintain order in Rome."

In the case of Rome matters were thus complicatedby intangible but telling considerations.