by Carl Bode (Viking, 1977) andRobert D.

Posted: 23 Sep 2016, 13:34 Author: WixiwipaAlfred also made other reforms and improvements to his kingdom including building forts throughout the country, establishing a strong navy, and bringing talented European scholars and craftsmen across the channel to England.

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 King Alfred was now in charge of stopping the Danes from occupying Wessex.

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These alliances proved key to both English and Welsh defence when, between AD 892 and 896 armies containing of Wessex, Powysian and Mercian troops kept Viking invaders on the move and frustrated their goals.

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The epithet, "The Great," attached to his name by writers of the sixteenth century and given to no other English king is another reflection of the kind of ruler he was.1 A twelfth century writer notes the prestige that was given to Alfred when he wrote, He reigned for twenty and eight years; there are few such men l...

Alfred felt constantly threatened, and had to fight skirmishes with the Danes for many years.

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A siege at Reading was unsuccessful but, soon afterward in January AD 871, Alfred regrouped his brother's troops on the nearby Berkshire Downs and led them against the Viking hoards at the .

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Yet in 868, the Danes met both Mercians and West Saxons; the two nations had formed an alliance, which had been strengthened that year by the marriage of Alfred and Ealhswith, daughter of a Mercian ealdorman (Bruce 4).

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Alfred and his elder brother King Æthelred personally led the Wessex contingent, yet not even the combined forces of the Mercians and the West Saxons could handle the strength of the Danes.

King Alfred was soon forced to give away more of his treasury in AD 875 and again two years later.

Alfred (849–99), king of Wessex (871–99)

The legislation of Alfred probably belongs to the later part of the reign, after the pressure of the Danes had relaxed.

Foreign relations
Asser speaks grandiosely of Alfred's relations with foreign powers, but little definite information is available.

The Vikings kept track of his movements and early in the New Year, they launched a surprise attack.

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The Treaty of Wedmore thus divided England in two, with the English ruling the south and the Vikings controlling the north, thence known as the 'Danelaw'.

Alfred was delighted and issued new coinage to celebrate his becoming King of all the English.

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Only a king of full age could defend the land, and although Æthelred left children, Alfred, his constant companion in the war, was immediately recognized as his successor (Duckett 20).