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A 5 page research paper that analyzes the action in Act 3, scene 4 of King Lear. The writer argues that an examination of this scene reveals the various ways in which Shakespeare manipulated language, used the stage movement of the characters and also employed visual and oral effects in order to capitalize on the drama of Lear's madness. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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A 10 page research paper concerning conditional and unconditional love as shown by the characters in Shakespeare's play. The writer argues a relevant thesis and details the nature of types of love and how each character exemplifies it, with emphasis upon Lear and Cordelia. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Kinglea

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A 7 page paper which specifically examines how Lear is to blame for the tragedies which befall him; how Lear's suffering forces him to change and show pity; the point at which Lear discovers who really loves him; how the Gloucester/Edmund/Edgar subplot parallels the primary plot of Lear and his daughters; what Lear learns with Cordelia's death; and how authority transfers from Lear to Edgar, and how Edgar learns what Lear learned, which is why he becomes the legitimate ruler of the kingdom at the play's conclusion. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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A 5 page essay exploring the irony of Cordelia's continued love and loyalty for and to her father, King Lear, despite his mistreatment of her. The irony is seen in the fact that when Lear finally realizes and can admit his mistake to Cordelia, it is too late. His curse of her has been acted upon. This writer supports the opinion that the Fool is actually Cordelia in disguise and cites text that suggest this is, in fact, true. No additional sources cited.

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A 5 page paper which compares and contrasts the characters of Marlow and Kurtz in �Heart of Darkness� with Lear and Gloucester in �King Lear.� No additional sources are used.

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A 4 page paper which discusses the character of the fool in KingLear. The foundation of the discussion is that of the fool having been referred to as 'theuncanniest character in Shakespeare.' This is analyzed as well as the incident of the foolleaving halfway through the story, never to appear again. The paper utilizes the work ofHarold Bloom in 'Shakespeare: The Invention of the Human' as well as 'King Lear.' Noadditional sources cited.

Master Shakespeare's  using Absolute Shakespeare's King Lear essay, plot summary, quotes and characters study guides.

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A 5 page essay that analyzes Act II, scene iv, lines 266-288, in which King Lear addresses his daughters in a speech where the reader/audience not only discern Lear's frustration and anger at not having his will obeyed, but also hear his mounting desperation and fear. While, on the surface, the dispute covered in this passage appears to be simply how many servants Lear can keep with him while residing with one of his daughters, a closer examination of this passage places it thematically with the various ways in which Shakespeare dramatizes the foibles in Lear's thinking. No additional sources cited.

There is always evil and goodness in society, and that every character in King Lear has their weaknesses.

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A 4 page essay that discusses the foolishness of King Lear's actions in abdicating his throne and banishing Cordelia. This examination of the structure of this play demonstrates how Shakespeare charts Lear's emotional decline and, eventually, obtainment of enlightenment, due to the ramifications of his fateful decision. No additional sources cited.