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Most of the times, us the readers would think of him as an antisocial person because he abandoned his car, leave behind most of his possessions, donated money from his saving account to charity, change his name, and left his families to invite a new life for himself to explore the world of unknown.

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The change of heart that Pi experiences might possibly mean that he is an impulsive thinker.

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Pi’s inventiveness and resourcefulness (he covers himself with wet clothes to protect his skin from the sun and builds a raft from oars and lifejackets to keep him at a safe distance from both the tiger and sharks) enable him to remain physically safe.
Pi's different perspective on animals,that is, seeing them as humans allowed him that sense of comfort albeit a short time after being shipwrecked.
Pi says, “She came floating on an island of bananas in a halo of light, as lovely as the Virgin Mary.

Evidently, all of these dangers results as a risk to his life.

Her flaming hair looked stunning…Let me say it plainly: I love you, I love you, I love you, I love, I love you…” (Martel)
Even though two of the animals were predators, Pi had a partial peace of mind to his state of affairs and hope of survival as he is accompanied by another animal.
Pi goes to great extents to ensure a relationship is formulated as the burning desire to survive brought them to that state.
Pi state, “I had to tame him.

The primacy of survival is the definitive theme in the novel Life of Pi, by Yann Martel.

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11. Among Yann Martel’s gifts is a rich descriptive palette. Regarding religion, he observes the green elements that represent Islam and the orange tones of Hinduism. What color would Christianity be, according to Pi’s perspective?

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Pi knows he must defend himself from the immediate threat, Richard Parker, but he is also aware that there is a whole host of dangers waiting to do him in.

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A part of me did not want Richard Parker to die at all…if I still had the will to live, it was thanks to Richard Parker.” (Martel)
Richard Parker took the circumstances at hand and the terrible thoughts of the fate of his family out of Pi’s mind.

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Biological Survival?

Pi is the one and only member of his family to survive the sinking of the Tsimtsum, and he is able to do that because he has inherited (from Mamaji - Uncle) strong swimming skills.

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It was not a question of him or me, but him and me.” (Martel)
Pi realizes that without Richard Parker, without that companion, that amazed him, that was well feared and respected that kept Pi on his toes, Pi’s will to survive would have left.
“…part of me was glad about Richard Parker.