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Linda R. Hirshman retired as the Allen/Berenson Distinguished Visiting Professor at Brandeis University With almost no effort, she landed spot No. 77 on Bernard Goldberg's She is the author of , in paperback May 28.

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As for society, elites supply the labor for the decision-making classes -- the senators, the newspaper editors, the research scientists, the entrepreneurs, the policy-makers, and the policy wonks. If the ruling class is overwhelmingly male, the rulers will make mistakes that benefit males, whether from ignorance or from indifference. Media surveys reveal that if only one member of a television show's creative staff is female, the percentage of women on-screen goes up from 36 percent to 42 percent. A world of 84-percent male lawyers and 84-percent female assistants is a different place than one with women in positions of social authority. Think of a big American city with an 86-percent white police force. If role models don't matter, why care about Sandra Day O'Connor? Even if the falloff from peak numbers is small, the leveling off of women in power is a loss of hope for more change. Will there never again be more than one woman on the Supreme Court?

1-2), I went to Hawaii, and I read Linda Hirshman’s excellent, intelligent essay “Homeward Bound.”

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we areconstantly bombarded by stylized images of hypermasculine black men."VIEWPOINTSHomeward Bound 227Linda Hirshman"The family-with its repetitious, socially invisible, physical tasks-is anecessary part of life, but it allows fewer opportunities for full humanflourishing than public spheres, like the market or the government.

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A lawyer might be able to juggle the demands of many complex cases in various stages of research and negotiation, or a grocery manager might be able to juggle dozens of delivery deadlines and worker schedules—but should she have even a fleeting thought about a pediatrics appointment, she’s treated as if her on-the-job reliability will evaporate. No one can escape this cultural idea, reinforced as it is by old sitcoms, movies, jokes—and by the moms-go-home storyline.Still, if they were pushed out, why would these smart, professional women insist that they chose to stay home?

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In this essay – one of many criticizing "Homeward Bound," The Mothers Movement Online's Judith Stadtman Tucker argues against Hirshman's thesis.

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changes in individual behavior. Dowd and Flanagan, tongue-in-cheek or not, encourage women to retreat into “womanly” roles. Hirshman and Kipnis encourage masculinist individualism. Neither strategy seems likely to ease the tension between the demands of contemporary work and love, or to address the persistent gender inequality that cripples women’s material security.

Read Hirshman's now infamous essay "Homeward Bound" on American Prospect's website.

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Shortly after "Homeward Bound," Hirshman published this essay, "Is Your Husband a Worse Problem Than Larry Summers?" in You can read the article – and more than 52 comments on it!