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Topic: Do you agree?- Please a number of Australian based references and Journal / Academic sources
– Please page number references
– Please don’t just provide an argument, show research too.
Marking criteria for RESEARCH essay:
Your essay must provide a sustained and coherent answer to the questions we have asked. One of the criteria on which your essay will be judged is the breadth of your reading. Another is the quality of your writing. A third is your ability to develop and sustain an argument or arguments which answer the question. You must thoroughly footnote your essay in the Oxford style and include a comprehensive bibliography. General websites that are not accessed through the Deakin University Library website are to be avoided.
What the Assessor will be looking for when marking this assignment:
– Your ability to understand and interpret the issues raised by the question
– the quality and breadth of your research, that is the number of books, articles, etc used in writing the essay and how you have used the research to construct your answer to the question
– Your ability to analyse the sources, distil the relevant evidence and develop a persuasive answer to the question
– Your ability to answer the question
– Your ability to document, that is footnote your exercise and present a bibliography
– The quality of your written expression and the organization of your essay
– Your ability to sustain your answer to the question throughout the essay
– Requirement to get your essay in on time

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The question was whether anyone had marking criteria for reflective essays/journals etc

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Most people now use cars as their main form of transport. An increase in this trend during the last centry has contributed to major traffic congestion in cities, and to a decline in the quality of our environment. This essay will look at how this is occuring and what can be done to address this problem.

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The model answers from IELTS are not designed to make essay writing easier for you. They don’t want to make their test easy. But teachers work hard to make it more achievable which is why their models are better. It is best if you spend more time learning about how the writing is marked and how to improve your score based on the marking criteria. These pages will help: and also
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n this edition I will give you a brief introduction into the marking criteria for the TOK essay.
Essay requirements and marking criteria are set out below for each qualification

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You should have a good understanding of what errors to look out for based on the feedback you receive on graded papers, and I would be happy to answer any questions you might have about possible errors or about any other aspects of your essay. You just need to ask!

One of the criteria for assessing your IELTS essay is cohesion and coherence

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The criteria are not applied in a crude mathematical or formulaic way. It is not our policy, for example to give three separate marks for knowledge, argument and presentation and award the average of the three for the essay as a whole. More often, the mark awarded will represent a compromise which will be explained within the written feedback: “an excellent and original essay but weakened by flaws in sentence-construction and expression”, for example. In general, our experience is that essays which are good in content are also good in construction and expression; if not, guidance will be given on the areas of weakness.

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Given the subject, purpose, and audience for each essay in this course, you should use a . This means that you should avoid use of the first person ("I," "me," "we," etc.), the use of contractions ("can't," "won't," etc.), and the use of slang or other informal language. A formal writing voice will make you sound more convincing and more authoritative.