First, marriage protects and controls a woman’s sexuality.

Legalization of same-sex marriages in these countries led other nations to be more accepting towards homosexual couples by giving them the same rights as heterosexual couples....

Third, marriage creates a situation where licit sex can occur....

Though, love is to be the reason why bonds like marriage exist.

That is why same-sex marriage should be legalized.

When he first married he was 'captivated by youth and
beauty and that appearance of good humour had married a woman whose
weak understanding and illiberal mind, had very early in their
marriage put an end to real affection..

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Firstly: The first point has to do with the form of the marriage; i.e. the known formula of marriage based on approval from both the male and female, which constitutes the main problem of the civil marriage, for it is not subjected to a specific formula to conclude the marriage contract… Based on that, some jurisprudents regard this marriage unlawful, as it has no specific formula to conclude the marriage. However, according to our jurisprudential opinion, we rule that marriage can be concluded by any verbal expression that connotes contractual commitment to the content agreed upon by both parties, for it would be considered a voluntary binding agreement to them, just as any other contracts they conclude…

Yet, somehow there is still tension and confusion surrounding the issue of same-sex marriage.

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I haven't lived through many situations evolving same sex marriage but I have had many long conversations with many various types of people about this exact topic.

And marriage, by definition, is just a contract.

While given the definition of marriage and most of society making same sex marriage nearly impossible; Psychology Today recognizes that “any” two people who love each other can come together and be united.

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The argument regarding gay marriage should be legalized or not is extremely controversial.

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Through research I will discuss my findings on the statistics on this issue, the pros and cons and of course how the community and the church reacted to this new law that equalizes same sex marriage....

One is from a utilitarian standpoint: Why is marriage a good thing for our society.

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Denmark has allowed same-sex civil unions since the 1980s, but same-sex marriage was illegal; although couples engaged in same-sex civil unions received nearly all of the same benefits and obligations of opposite-sex marriages....

In order to construct this, this essay will discuss positions in favor of and against gay marriage.

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