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During the first year of marriage there are many adjustments to contend with in the newly formed relationship. Some of the most common problems to arise stem from unrealistic expectations involving money, the roles we play, communication skills, relatives, and sex (Olson). One study discovered that couples found their newlywed year to be either their hardest or their easiest year. It was most likely to be a good sign if the couple found this to be their hardest year, due to their actual acknowledgement of the problems that arose and taking steps to work them out. The ones, who found it easy, most likely denied or avoided any such problems (Olson). Dealing with problems early can keep them from escalating later.
Good communication skills are the most important tools a couple can possess, to work on their relationship and keep it healthy. Some effective ways to communicate include accentuating the positive and leaving out criticism, putdowns or blaming. Using statements that begin with "I ? help us take responsibility for our feelings and become useful strategies for good communication. Replying with empathy responses is also helpful, but most of all it is important to stay calm and listen to one another. A good relationship requires our positive emotions to outweigh our negative emotions by five to one. Various positive emotions can include conversation, concern, appreciation, fun and sex. Since we all need love and respect, it is important to find ways to convey this message (Olson).

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There is great  Importance of Means of Communications in everyone's life, in this age.

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They are used to live-telecast matches and other programmes to all over the world.

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Some important information about means of communication is specified below:

• Alexender Grahm Bell invented the telephone while working with deaf in 1874.

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The paper explores how developing countries (whose native language is not English) can best employ English news programs as an effective tool of communication with the English-speaking audience in the world, with English language as the dominant language of communication in the ongoing globalization context.

Based on my research findings, I wrote a research paper entitled Cross-Cultural Communication Significance of English News for Developing Countries.

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Explain why the sub-area is important to the study of mass communication.

o How has it influenced other media?

o How has policy or society changed because of this medium?


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Means of Mass communication
When we want to give a message to a very large number of people at different locations we can use any one of newspapers, magazines, cinema, radio and television etc.

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This course has been very important to me because, in order to understand how China’s mass communication evolved in the contemporary period, it is necessary to gain insights into China’s traditional cultural and historical legacy and how those cultural and historical traditions shape the present and even the future of the country.

“A true scholar must be well-read and well-traveled.” This well-known Chinese saying points to two essential qualities that a successful student and scholar must possess—ample book knowledge and practical experience (the latter resulting from field trips far and wide).

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This collection of almost 100 political science research paper topics and example papers on political science highlights the most important topics, issues, questions, and debates that any student obtaining a degree in this field ought to have mastered for effectiveness. The purpose is to provide students in political science with an authoritative reference sources and sample research papers that will help their writing efforts with far more detailed information than short essays. See

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You can use our classroom readings to choose your topic, or consult with your instructor and classmates by e-mail for suggestions and feedback.

Use this introduction, body, and conclusion format for your essay:

Introduction: your experience with the chosen medium of mass communication that led to your interest in researching this topic
Body: your topic statement - the issue, problem, question, or development you intend to study
Conclusion: your thesis - what you plan to demonstrate as a result of your study
If you include quotations or a paraphrase from another source, use APA style for notes and references