Arthur Miller wrote this in response to McCarthyism....

During a long speech on the Senate floor, McCarthy (an ex-judge) masterfully exposes George Marshall’s pattern of “mistakes” surrounding the Pearl Harbor "surprise", the mismanagement of World War II, the loss of Eastern Europe to Stalin, and the loss of China to Mao's Reds.

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In this case, the obvious meaning is the Salem witch-hunt and the hidden meaning is McCarthyism.

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As to the physical symptoms: the fits, trances, and paralyzed limbs, among others, Karlsen attributes them to the afflicted girls’ actual fear of witches as well as the idea that once they fell into an afflicted state they were free to express unacceptable feels without reprisal.

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I believe Arthur Miller named his play “The Crucible” because it shows the trials and hardships people face within themselves, the courtroom and Puritan society.

McCarthyism started in the early 1950’s and it was governmental accusations with no evidence.

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McCarthyism is very similar in the way that Joe McCarthy accused Americans of being communist and in The Crucible people were being accused of being witches.

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However, Mary Warren saw through Abigail Parris’ lies and threats and eventually accused her of her sins but soon relapsed her claims due to the pressure of her friends accusing her of hurting them supernaturally.

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Arthur Miller’s The Crucible’s protagonist John Proctor proves to be a flawed human being who struggles to make sense of his past relationship with Abigail, his love for his wife, and his pride....

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This hunger, be it for wealth, land, love, power, revenge, or pride, can, and will be the undoing or failing of all mankind as Miller so clearly points out in his play 'The Crucible';.

In The Crucible by Arthur Miller, many problems arise that deal with live and death.

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Although she’s not even 20 years old (at least until April 21), Tavi Gevinson has already accomplished more than most women three times her age, from authoring the influential fashion blog, Style Rookie (at age 15), to making her accomplished Broadway debut in last season’s well-received production of This Is Our Youth. Now, she’s gone one step further, making an indelible impression as the troubled teen Mary Warren in Ivo Van Hove’s stunning revival of Arthur Miller’s Tony Award-winning play The Crucible (officially opening on March 31 at the Walter Kerr Theatre) opposite Ben Whishaw, Sophie Okenedo, Ciaran Hinds, and Saorise Ronan. Theater Pizzazz recently chatted with Gevinson about this once-in-a-lifetime project.

In The Crucible, one may find Abigail Williams, The Putnams, and Mary Warren to blame.

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Arthur Miller’s ‘The Crucible’ was written so that people at the time could relate what had happened in Salem with the McCarthyism happening at that time....

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In order to do well on the synthesis essay you need your sources (with author and bibliographic citations). You must
have a copy of The Crucible, your two articles with your annotations and any notes/homework on "The Demons of Salem are With
us Now" and "Why I Wrote The Crucible."