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There are many Congressmen that have a utilitarian worldview and are quite happy that there is an assisted suicide law in Oregon and Washington (and wherever else it may be legalized). They are happy that parents can medically-kill unwanted babies. They are happy that Terri Schiavo's life was ended. They don't care that she was fraudulently admitted or that she wasn't terminal at all. They believe in eliminating the "unworthy of life."

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"Robust" compliance program? They make it sound like the administration never knew about the fraud going on. They make it sound as if the top administrators truly care about running a completely honest operation. Fraud of this magnitude can never occur without the knowledge of top administrators. These corporate integrity agreements allow those who initiated and then carried out the fraud to plan on paper how they will "prevent" future fraud. What would the public think if we had every bank robber write down a plan for how he is not going to rob banks in the future? And then release him from custody with half the money he stole from the bank? How many bank robberies would that stop?

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"According to Terre Mirsch, Vice President of Holy Redeemer Home Health and Hospice Services, a good hospice should do a lot more than administer pain medication: "Symptoms come from not just physical manifestations, but from the psychological and spiritual implications of illness and the dying process. We need to treat the whole person, not just focus on physical care or giving medications."

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Dr. Byrne is past-President of the Catholic Medical Association (USA), formerly Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at Creighton University School of Medicine in Omaha, NE, and at St. Louis University School of Medicine in St. Louis, MO. He is author and producer of the film "Continuum of Life" and author of the books "," and "." Dr. Byrne has presented testimony on "life issues" to eight state legislatures beginning in 1967.]

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I have been diligent in my pursuit of medicine as a career because I am convinced that medicine offers me the opportunity to live a fulfilling, rewarding life dedicated to helping others. I will enter medicine eager to learn and thirsting for the knowledge to help my fellow human beings. Attending The Chicago Medical School would be one of the greatest rewards for my motivation and persistence for success. I swear to uphold and exceed all that is expected of a future physician while promoting the progress of medicine and humanity.

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