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These two women are held up as the ground breakers who brought women and nursing into the history of military medicine, and indeed, to the world as a whole.

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American Military History Volume 1 The United States Army and the Forging of a Nation, 1175-1917.

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Leading and Participating in Discussion .20%
Quizzes 10%
Writing assignments .20% total
Final Exam 20%Required Readings:
1) Millet, Allen & Peter Maslowski, For the Common Defense: A MilitaryHistory of the
United States of America
2) Weigley, Russell F.

Washington, D.C.: Center of Military History United States Army Stewart, R.W.

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(Lanning 48) The Militia Act of 1862 stated specifically that African-American troops would receive less pay than their white counterparts, which sparked work stoppages by individual black soldiers.

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Joining the military isn’t all about wanting to carry a weapon or looking good in a uniform it’s about everyone doing their job to their best trained abilities....

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Europe's political and military leaders have been subjected to much retrospectivecriticism for their belief that the ‘war would be over by Christmas'. This belief wasnot based on complacency. Even those who predicted with chilling accuracy the murderousnature of First World War battlefields, such as the Polish banker Jan Bloch, expected thewar to be short. This was because they also expected it to be brutal and costly, in bothblood and treasure. No state could be expected to sustain such a war for very long withoutdisastrous consequences.

- Topic suggestions on the United States military presence in Afghanistan.

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Analytical Essay Assignments: Because this course emphasizes readingand interpreting mainly secondary sources rather than doing primary research,you will be asked to turn in four brief analytical essays (2-3 typed,double-spaced pages in length), in which you will reflect on and discussspecific questions related to essays in Chambers and Piehler, MajorProblems in American Military History. Specific questions for eachassignment are listed below:Essay #1 (Chambers & Piehler, Chapter 2, pp.

- George S. Patton Research Paper chronicles the life of one of the greatest military leaders.

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Some 1,800 South Korean political prisoners were executed by the South Korean military at Taejon, South Korea, in July 1950 (AP Photo/National Archives, once classified as “top secret”)

A historical essay which addresses the first four questions will follow.

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Lafayette's Grand March,” which became a popular tribute to the French military leader who helped the United States win its freedom from Great Britain. The composition can be heard on the CD “The Music of Francis Johnson and His Contemporaries: Early 19th-Century Black Composers”.

The Negro Philharmonic Society was founded in New Orleans well before the Civil War. The orchestra at one point had more than 100 performers, including a few white members. Its director, Constantin Debergue, was a black violinist. Racial hostility put an end to the Society prior to the Civil War. Two of its former members, Edmond Dede (1827-1903) and Charles Lucien Lambert, Sr.