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Utilizing the Argosy University online library, research how Miranda rights and the interpretation of the application of the Fifth and Sixth Amendments to the US Constitution have changed over time.

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Assume you are a high-ranking official in a law enforcement agency and have ten years of experience in the field. You have been asked to make a presentation to newly sworn police officers about Miranda rights. While the rules for how and when Miranda rights should be given to suspects used to be relatively simple, they have changed dramatically over the past few years.

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Like other law-enforcement officials, Mr. Meese has often said that the Miranda ruling hinders police investigations and makes it more difficult to obtain confessions. Now, the Justice Department officials said, the Attorney General has endorsed a 128-page internal report, prepared a year ago, that urges the department to seek a review by the High Court. It also recommends the creation of a set of rules to uphold the rights of criminal suspects, including perhaps videotaping police questioning to show that defendants have not been coerced.

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ACCORDING to officials in the Justice Department, Attorney General Edwin Meese 3d might soon ask the Supreme Court to overturn its 1966 Miranda decision, which requires the police to inform criminal suspects of their legal rights to silence and to counsel before questioning.

The Miranda decision was intended to protect suspects of their 5th Amendment right of no self-incrimination.

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As with most rules of law, there is an important exception to the requirements. If there is a public safety concern, the individual’s rights are temporarily outweighed by the need to protect the public. In such a case, even if police question a suspect prior to Mirandizing, the responses can be used at trial. See , 467 U.S. 649 (1984).

The answers to this question are neither simple nor fully answered today, as challenges to Miranda Rights appear in courtrooms routinely.

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Miranda Rights, protect from interrogation once they’ve been taken into custody However , it does protect person/witness at a scene of a crime .One can quite easily implicate themselves during routine questioning at a scene of a crime.

The constitutional basis for the Miranda warning and the conditions for a voluntary waiver of the Miranda rights were announced by the U.S.

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