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It includes the usage of the human’s subconscious mind to construct a series of facial expressions, hand gestures as well as the usage of the human’s vocal tones which indeed causes a form of effective communication if used in the right manner.

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2sThe First Steps of Mobile Multimedia communication and games have become popular.

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The process of building a therapeutic relationship begins from prior to time of contact with a patient, the interpersonal skills of the nurse; then the process includes skills required by the nurse to communicate effectively, including respect, trust, non-judgment and empathy....

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The term modern methods of communication can be defined as the new ways of contacting, which are advantageous for human relationships and these modern technologies that give advantages to the values of society or to the principles of a community....

When we communicate, body language is expressed with intentional and unintentional signs.

Mobile Communication Essays on Cognition and Community

Modern methods of communication in this context can be defined as mobile communication technologies, which includes mobile phones, computers and the internet....

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The development of this communication with the passage of time, as one part of technology development, has led to many of the greatest challenges facing societies worldwide today .This real challenge which resulted from the ways in which mobile communications have become easily affordable and accessible mean that is not a temporary phenomenon which will disappear.

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Additionally, eye contact, gestures, proximity, and speech, such as speaking tempo, vocal pitch, and intonational contours, that can be used to communicate attitudes or other shades of meaning, are all essential components of the non-verbal aspects of communication.

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To some extent, dolphins may also communicate by touch. Calves swim close to their mothers, brushing their bodies with their flanks and pectoral fins. This may serve to strengthen their bond and promote or strengthen social ties. On the other hand, dolphins use touch in rough, aggressive ways during courtship and when establishing dominance. They use their teeth to make parallel scratches, called rake marks, on each other's skin. Scientists continue to study these behaviors and the situations in which dolphins use them to learn exactly what they might mean. Below is a list of behaviors that we have observed our dolphins using here at Dolphin Research Center, possibly to communicate by touch.

However, communication is not as straightforward and effortless as we may believe.

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According to Miller (2003) “organisational communication involves an understanding of the influence of the context of an organisation on communication processes and of the manner in which the symbolic nature of communication distinguishes it from other forms of behaviour”.