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For many students the concentration treats a contemporary problem with a substantial policy dimension (domestic or international), but some students may wish to emphasize philosophical and methodological issues. Areas of concentration must consist of four courses appropriate to the theme, including the seminar or independent study course in which the senior essay is written (see "Senior Requirement" below). In designing the area of concentration, students are encouraged to include seminars from other departments and programs. The DUS will also require students to show adequate competence in data analysis when the area of concentration requires it.

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Laws are not right in and of themselves, and morals are not a matter of a majority's opinion....

Aspects of Law Not Based on Morality

Retributivist theory holds not only that criminal guilt is requiredfor punishment, but that the appropriate type and amount of punishmentis also determined by the crime itself. Traditionally this is theheart of the ancient injunction “an eye for an eye”. Kantsupports this measurement for punishment because all othermeasurements bring into consideration elements besides strict justice(6:332), such as the psychological states of others that would measurethe effectiveness of various possible punishments on deterrence. As aprinciple, retribution grounds but does not specify the exactpunishment. Kant recognizes that “like for like” is notalways possible to the letter, but believes that justice requires thatit be used as the principle for specific judgments of punishment.

Although it is a morality play it is not in the traditional format.

In fact, Kant did believe that the French Revolution was legitimate,and a look at his argument illuminates some of his complexterminology. The French king possessed sovereignty until he convenedthe Estates General as representative of the people, at which timesovereignty “passed to the people” even though the kinghad intended for the assembly to resolve specific problems and thenreturn the reins of power to him (6:341–2). Further, the kingcould not have any power to restrain the actions of the assembly as acondition for it being given the sovereign power, for there can be norestrictions on this sovereign power. This understanding ofsovereignty shows the difference between a rebellion against authorityand peaceful transfer of sovereign power such as an election. In anelection, sovereignty is passed back to the people, so there isnothing wrong with the people replacing the entire government. Withoutan election (or similar method of designating the return ofsovereignty to the people), any action aimed at replacing thegovernment is wrong.

Priestley makes it very clear in what he wants the audience to think is moral and immoral....
What if we relate this concept of morality to a present day moral dilemma....

PLSC 118b, The Moral Foundations of Politics

There have been many key thinkers on the subject; however, Plato and Augustine have both an interesting and highly debated view on the argument of whether politics should be focused on morality.

Moreover, many of the clauses of the Constitution have moral implications:

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Also, social unrest is often prevented because the system is patchedin some piecemeal way when (and sometimes only when) some aspect of itis persuasively and dramatically demonstrated, to a society of fair-mindedand reasonable people, to have a particularly egregious or widespread badresult. Thus a system of law based on equating morality with psychologywill often mistakenly seem to function satisfactorily even when it doesnot, because the system will be changed if it sufficiently troublesthe conscience or psychology of sufficient people. The problem is thatit will be changed only if it does that, and thus it has the potentialto be very bad until enough people are rightfully troubled enough and canconvince people in power to make needed changes. In other words, serioussocial unrest will usually be averted by the system, when pressure becomestoo great, but below that threshold, government sanctioned or induced harmand injustice can still befall people. In some cases civil disobedienceis meant to demonstrate that the threshold needs to be seen to have beenreached -- that certain laws and practices are too unjust or harmful tobe continued to be tolerated. But civil disobedience only works when governmentsand those in power or positions of influence have sufficient moral understandingand sensitivity to recognize protesters are in the right and the legalsystem is not. It is impossible to imagine that Jews would have effectedany change in Nazi behavior through civil disobedience, or that Kurds wouldhave softened Saddam Hussein's treatment of them.

2. Have I, at any point, set out more than one argument in asingleparagraph?

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