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Canada is a nation most known for our strength in hockey and our love of multiculturalism. It is without a doubt that multiculturalism has and will likely always remain an integral part of Canada’s national identity. In a recent survey, Canadians ranked multiculturalism as the second most important part of our identity, placed only after the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. After our years of success however, we have begun to grow idle. Every year, our Canadian Multiculturalism Day goes by without even a Google Doodle.

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After all I had lots of different experiences, freedom, and benefits by multiculturalism in Hawaii.

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Richmond Hill, ON, June 10, 2013 – An essay by a Grade 12 student from Richmond Hill has won the Passages to Canada Challenge, a new national competition from The Historica-Dominion Institute that asks students to explore themes of immigration and diversity in Canada.

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The winning essay by Bayview Secondary School student Angie Tang, “Separate but Equal: The Superficiality of Multiculturalism,” argues that multiculturalism has been promoted to the detriment of a coherent Canadian identity. Tang suggests, “We must encourage Canadians to celebrate their own individual cultural backgrounds, but we must also ask them to think about what it means to be Canadian — we must emphasize both parts of Chinese-Canadian, instead of just the former and neglecting the latter.”

I have to be open to tell my opinions and try to participate in multiculturism events so I can succeed in here.

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Many of the young artists and writers drew upon personal experiences to inspire their work. Some shared their own immigration stories, or those of their parents, while others spoke up about religious and cultural identity. We might just have a new generation of Passages Canada speakers in the making!

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Mahfooz Kanwar from Mount Royal University in Calgary made the following two comments to the Calgary Sun newspaper in 2006 shortly after the Toronto 18 arrests: “Multiculturalism has been bad for unity in Canada.

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One of the most fundamental divisions amongst scholars concerns the validity of cultural groups” as a point of reference for multiculturalism. The dominant view in socio-cultural studies has become that groups always have internal differences, including hierarchies, gender inequality and dissent, and culture is always fluid and subject to varied influences, mixtures and change. To think otherwise is to essentialize” groups such as blacks, Muslims, Asians, and so on. Political theorists, on the other hand, continue to think of cultural groups as socio-political actors who may bear rights and have needs that should be institutionally accommodated. This approach challenges the view of culture as radically unstable and primarily expressive by putting moral communities at the centre of a definition of culture.” Empirical studies, however, suggest that both these views have some substance. For while many young people, from majority and minority backgrounds, do not wish to be defined by a singular ethnicity but wish to actively mix and share several heritages, there is simultaneously a development of distinct communities, usually ethno-religious, and sometimes seeking corporate representation.

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