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I believe my parents have shaped my beliefs. I find myself to be like them on many different levels. There are the simple things like the love of being home, or the will to help others that I see in myself. I know these traits have come from my parents. These characteristics are the roots for my beliefs. I believe in God as a Catholic. I have certain political beliefs. I believe Boston Massachusetts is the greatest city in America. These are things that I believe in because my parents have instilled them in me.

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The theory of Rational Irrationality holds that it is often rational to be irrational. In more colloquial (but less accurate) terms: people often thinkillogically because it is in their interests to do so. This is particularly common for politicalbeliefs. Consider one of Caplan’s examples. If I believe, irrationally, that trade between myself and other people is harmful,I bear the costs of this belief. But if I believe—also irrationally—thattrade between my country and other countries is harmful, I bear virtually none of thecosts of this belief. There is a tiny chance that my belief may have some effect on publicpolicy; if so, the costs will be borne by society as a whole;only a negligible portion of it will be borne by me personally. For this reason, I have anincentive to be more rational about the individual-level effects of trade than I amabout the general effects of trade between nations. In general, just as I receive virtually none ofthe benefit of my collecting of political information, so I receive virtually none of the benefitof my thinking rationally about political issues.

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The third and biggest problem with the Divergent Values theory is that politicaldisputes involve all sorts of non-moral disputes. People who disagree about the ofcapital punishment also tend to disagree about the non-moral about capitalpunishment. Those who support capital punishment are much more likely to believe thatit has a deterrent effect, and that few innocent people have been executed. Those whooppose capital punishment tend to believe that it does not have a deterrent effect, and thatmany innocent people have been executed. Those are factual questions, and my moralvalues should not have any effect on what I think about those factual questions. Whethercapital punishment deters criminals is to be determined by examining statistical evidenceand scientific studies on the subject—not by appealing to our beliefs about the nature ofjustice. Of course, it may be that my moral values affect my beliefs about those factualquestions because I am irrational—that would be consistent with the theory put forwardin this paper.

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the Media and Press probably contributed most in molding and influencing my political beliefs.

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