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In the years that followed its mysteriousbirth, turducken has become something of a Southern specialty...I called Paul Prudhomme, the Louisiana chef who has longproclaimed himself the inventor of the turducken...Mr.

Some are composed of meatdrippings,others from creamycomponents.

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The remedy was hot water and 'the muscle pulp of lean beef made into cakes and broiled.' Salisbury explained: 'hot water washesout the slimy stomach, gets it clean enough from bile and yeasty matter to digest lean meats which give maximum of nourishment with minimum of digestive effort.' Well-doelean beef, the only single food on which a human could live for long without harm, was good for the three years it could take to bring a particular patient back from the laststages of tuberculosis.

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I top my meatloaf with grated cheese, bacon slices, and either leftoverSpaghetti Sauce, a can of tomatoes, or a can of Tomato Soup with a little water."
---, Alice May Brock [Random House:New York] 1969(p.

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Generally, it was a favorite of War and Depression years, as the baking would render tougher cuts of meat palatable.

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I22) [1982]
"Sirloin steak has all but vanished in meat markets in my part of the country--at least in the form that anyone over 40 would remember.

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One might wonder what cows and identity have to do with each other. Upon opening up My Year of Meats by Ruth Ozeki, I found myself questioning what this tale might have to do with mixed race identity or JA culture. But before long, it’s relevance began seeping up through the seams. Interlaced between two seemingly opposite people lies a story of identity and culture, portrayed through the horrors of the meat industry, awkward relationships, and transnational documentary TV production. It follows the story of Jane Takagi, a Japanese American documentary film maker who finds herself employed by a Japanese TV production company who is working in conjunction with American meat industry leader BEEF-EX. Her task: To travel around America filming “wholesome” American families who know the value of meat in American culture. The show is called My American Wife! and it’s primary focus is to promote the beef industry in Japan but right out of the gate, Jane finds the rules for her choice of families to be unauthentic. She then decides to take matters into her own hands. Following her documentarian beliefs, which turn out to be contradictory in and of themselves, Jane begins to break the boundaries in an attempt to bring more authentic American families and values into the program.

Recipes for chopped meat mixed with sauce, spices, and served with bread/pastry are hundreds ofyears old.

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This characteristically Jamaican dish is more than 300 years old, according to Joyce LaFray Young, author of "Tropic Cooking" (Ten Speed Press: $12.95), and was developed as a means of preserving meat for lengthy storage.